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Monday, 1 June 2015

1 June 2015. An American Volunteer in Novorossiya Asks You, “What Are You Going to Do About It?”

00 novorossiya. war dead 01. 30.05.15

They all had faces… they all had names… Katya… 11-years-old… dead in a Uniate nationalist terrorist bombardment… brought to you through the generosity of American taxpayers



Look at this vid. It’s all in English. It’s all the truth.

Orthodox people… this is what Victor Potapov and Freddie M-G enable through their work for the US government media apparat. This is what Serge Schmemann and Sofia Kishkovskaya support through their work for the Corporate media. This is what Lyonyo supports through his membership in the CFR. This is what Whiteford, Dreher, Mattingly, Eliel, Reardon, Dahulich, and Fatso support through their cheerleading for “conservatism”. I spit on the lot of them. Too many of our people have died. It’s time to either stand for the Truth or get the hell out of Dodge and let the real people run things.

All of the people I named steep their hands in the blood of our compatriots… but it doesn’t bother them in the least. They benefit… they get a salary… they get to live in the right neighbourhood… they get to be part of Moloch’s punditocracy. Potapov works for a CIA front, Radio Liberty. Freddie works for NPR. Schmemann worked for the NY Times and is still part of their organisation. Sofia got her job in the media through her Uncle Serge (if you see her writing, you can see that it wasn’t her talent). Lyonyo loves puffing himself up at the Council on Foreign Relations. They all whore for the American Neoliberal Establishment. The others I named are mainly “conservative” dupes, except for Fatso and Dreher… the former is a whore for the neocons and a crank follower of Gleb Podmoshensky; the latter is an opportunist who changes his hometown and job more often than some folks change their underwear.

Where do YOU stand? The very stones will accuse us at the Last Day if we don’t do anything. Bush or Cheney… Obama or Biden… Rubio or Cruz… Chilly Hilly or Kerry… it’s a Hall of Shame, kids. They’re snake-oil salesmen, all of ’em. End the wars and bring the boys home. That’s where I stand. What about you? That’s why I support Bernie… he’s the only peace candidate. Hop on the Peace Train or shut the fuck up, I say. Our country’s had enough pointless wars in foreign parts to last ten generations. It’s time to go home and mind our own business… and put our own house to rights. That’s what I hold, any road… and I’m not alone.



1 June 2015. Animal Funnies… They Get On Like… Well… Cats n’ Dogs

00 cats n' dogs. 01.06.15


1 June 2015. A B Mozgovoi… Patriot… Soldier… Revolutionary…

00 aleksei mozgovoi. 01.06.15


Chorny VoronThe Black Crow… a traditional Cossack mourning song


00 a b mozgovoi. the real enemy. 01.06.15


A B Mozgovoi was a man of many parts. He was a patriot of both Holy Rus and of the USSR, both equally and at the same time. If you can’t understand that in its fullness, you fail to understand the complexity and nuances in this man. He was a brave man… a skilled and competent soldier… a charismatic battle leader. He was utterly unafraid  of the risks involved. He was a committed revolutionary, a man of the Left. He wanted a future where his land would be socialist, free of oligarch filth, “investors”, and their useless drone hangers-on (Rod Dreher is a perfect illustration of such). To tie it all together, he was an Orthodox Christian. He protected Christ’s Church against Uniate and schismo defilement.

He was many men within one skin. Glory to the Hero Aleksei Borisovich! May his memory be eternal.


Action “Forget-me-not” in Memory of Children Killed in the Junta Aggression against the LNR Held in Lugansk

00 wounded child. novorossiya. 08.02.15


Today, a rally as part of the memorial action “Forget-me-not” in memory of the children killed in the fighting in the LNR took place in Lugansk. Since it coincided with International Children’s Day, many members of local youth groups were present. Denis Miroshnichenko, the Chairman of the Lugansk Youth Association, said, “The fighting in the LNR killed more than 45 children. Today, on International Children’s Day, we want to honour them”. The participants planted flowers in the park using the motto “Never forget”. Earlier this spring, the first part of the “Forget-me-not” action took place. At that time, Lugansk homies planted an alley of maples and installed a memorial plaque in Shchors Park to remember the children killed in the junta terrorist shelling.

1 June 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


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