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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

3 June 2015. A FUN Way for Your Kids to Learn Russian… “The Three Kittens”

00 three kittens. cartoon. russia. 03.06.15




Here’s a fun way for your kids to learn Russian! The Three Little Kittens are popular in the Rodina… they teach little ones all sorts of good lessons. It’s the kind of sweet stuff that they made in the Soviet days… the Evil Empire wasn’t so evil, was it? The USA lied about the USSR… that’s why Patriarch Kirill aided the KGB intel people… he saw the inequality and barbarous corrupt behaviour of the Western rich. Oh… I forgot… we’re supposed to worship at the feet of those selfish grasping bastards… they’re SUCCESSFUL. Well, here’s something that’s good and without guile, coming to you from the land of the so-called Evil Empire. If that’s Evil, I say, give me a double helping…


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