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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

3 June 2015. “We Will Work in Cubicles”… A Vision of the Republican Party’s Neoliberal Hell

00 Free Market Trickle Down Economics at Work. 15.05.13


We will work in cubicles

In concrete buildings without windows.
We will move to wherever jobs are, leaving home and family behind.
We will not have such silliness as imagination, as only dull repetitive labour making things is profitable.
Even if they are things you don’t need and can’t use.
We must buy them anyway, to keep ourselves in jobs.
Jobs that don’t pay enough to purchase our eventual freedom. Oh no.
Jobs that pay only enough to keep us working.
There will be no pleasure, unless it comes from pharmaceuticals judiciously doled out by our masters, to make us more efficient, and needless of sleep.
Art? Music? Beauty of any kind?
Those are all above our pay grade. Don’t you get it?



The above is the wet-dream of the Republican Party… therefore, I oppose everything that Victor Potapov, Rod Dreher, Terrence Mattingly, Patrick Reardon, Freddie M-G, and Fatso advocate with utter vehemence and the full application of my talents. They’ve all sold out to the “conservative” Moloch… they’ve all become whores for the GOP in one way or another. They don’t give a good god-damn what happens to ordinary folk so long as they can indulge their “Pro-Life” and “Family Values” fantasies. These have no reality… for no political faction that wants to cut Social Security (after having raided the Trust Fund for war funding and tax cuts to Affluent Effluent drones) is Pro-Life. No political faction that denies school lunches to poor kids has any Family Values.

The people that I named are the worst… most of the so-called “Orthodox” bloviators on the internet in English are of this sort, caterwauling about Toll Houses, homosexuality, and Culture War. Do NOT argue with them. Do NOT engage them in the commboxes. Do NOT quote them in your blogs or Facebook pages. Do NOT give them any publicity. They’re asshats playing at religion… that’s the worst form of imposture out there. The people that I named are the worst negative examples of “faith” that I know. People like this drive people out of faith and into scepticism.

As for me, if I thought that these people incarnated Christianity, I’d leave, with no regrets. Their writings and actions say that religion is nothing but a grand and glorious mindfuck… then, you die, for good and all. Don’t stoop to their level. There are no easy answers… there are no pat solutions… there is no unbreakable and inflexible Law of God. Christ asks all of us… “Who do YOU say I am?” Don’t be quick to answer that. I’m 61… I’m still working on it…

There be counterfeits in circulation. Bite the coin before accepting it…



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