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Saturday, 6 June 2015

6 June 2015. Socialism is GOOD! It’s Time to Push Back at Those Lying Loudmouthed Republican Asshats!

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The Republican Party has fed the American public lies about the New Deal since 1946. Until 1981, there were sufficient people who’d been adults in the Great Depression who knew how the New Deal saved the USA from an armed revolution (1932 was the pits… that year saw the largest CPUSA vote in US history). Now, it’s time to reverse EVERYTHING that the Republican asshats have done since 1946! Repeal Taft-Hartley! Roll back privatisation! Apologise to the patriots (or their families) slandered by Republican liars! Apologise to the Rosenberg family for the execution of their innocent mother! Regulate Wall Street at least as much as we did in 1980!


You do not compromise with a rabid dog. Republicans are ravening beasts intent on ravishing America and the world to enrich the Affluent Effluent. Nothing else matters to them. Didn’t they nominate the draft-dodger and outsourcer Willy Romney in 2012? He called for incessant and endless war, even though he was a yellow coward who refused to serve himself! That is, the Republican Party spits on patriotism.

We can have Democratic Socialism or we can have Oligarchic Tyranny. There are no other choices on offer.




6 June 2015. Animal Funnies… ARR! It be the Pirate Cat…

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00 pirate cat. 06.06.15


Orthodox People… It’s Time to Put l’Affaire Jenner to Bed

00 Russian Proverb. the truth. 06.06.15


I’ve received word from several sources about some of the gnarly shit that’s circulating in konvertsy circles in re the Jenner Affair. I think that it’s time to make these toddlers put up or shut up. Firstly, they should tell us all where they’re getting their information about transsexualism (the proper medical term for “transgenderism”). All the things that I’m going to say come from an MD who:

  • Got their MD from Wake Forest
  • Duly licenced to practise medicine in New York State
  • Board-certified endocrinologist and Fellow of the American College of Endocrinology
  • Division Head at a regional medical centre
  • Full Professor of Endocrinology at a reputable second-tier medical school
  • Has publishing credits and patents
  • Treated 150 transsexual patients

I should add that this MD does NOT practise in a back-alley… they do so on medical centre/medical school premises with full knowledge and approval of the management of the facility. I’d add that I’ve had the privilege of knowing this medical professional for 16 years. I’d like all the loud asshats to come forward and stand and deliver! Did ANY of them consult a professional of like qualifications? That is, an MD isn’t sufficient… one has to be an endo and have some knowledge of the requisite academic and clinical literature, not to mention actual clinical practise. How many of these loud toddlers have consulted anyone? I’m not talking about consulting jangling internet wannabes like Borek, Whiteford, or Dreher… I’m talking actual medical authorities!

The first thing is that transsexualism is RARE. My source tells me that it’s about 1 in 10,000… another way of putting that is 0.01 percent. This is hardly a major threat to society, is it? In numerical terms, if there are about a million practising Orthodox Christians in 3,000-odd parishes, that means that we’re talking a population of 100 people. That’s it. Hardly earth shattering, is it? That is, it’s a relatively minor pastoral problem for the Church at large. Yes, it’s a large thing for the people involved, but for the Church at large, it’s not major at all.

Secondly, at present, we don’t know what causes this condition. Some MDs have their hunches… but there’s nothing nailed down yet. However, this is true of many other medical conditions, so, this isn’t remarkable. The most promising avenue seems to be that the cause lies in “prenatal endocrinological events”… that is, hormone fluctuations before birth as the embryo develops. No one causes it… no one sets it in motion. What appears to confirm this is that Hormone Replacement Therapy seems to “solve” many people’s problems. However, that’s anecdotal (but research is continuing).

Thirdly, most people seem to want to assimilate into the target gender without publicity. That is to say, the Jenner case was atypical. Most people, apparently, simply get on with life with no desire to cause any upset or scandal. For instance, there are protections in re driving licences and birth certificates (as both function as primary identity documents in contemporary society). One can’t change these in New York State without documentation. That isn’t going to change any time soon, per an acquaintance who works at the NYS Department of Health (the agency responsible for monitoring such changes).

As far as the Church is concerned… there is NO synodically binding canon, nomocanon, or even SOB ukase in place. What I’ve been able to find out (from reputable theologians) is that there are many theologumenae, but no binding rules. That is, it’s not like the tollhouses, where the ROCOR SOBs (that’s Synod of Bishops, NOT sons-of-bitches, I heard that snigger) ruled that all discussion on the topic should cease as it wasn’t edifying or salvific. I mention that for a reason. I’d like to see responsible figures in the Church put a lid on this discussion. NO, it won’t shut up the asshats in private, but it WOULD clear the air in public. I’d like to see the bishops say, “We ban all further discussion of this in whatever venue INCLUDING THE INTERNET. We’ll take each case on its own merits, as the Church does in cases of oikonomia. There’s nothing revealed on this matter, and the discussion isn’t helping anyone save their soul”. That’s in essence what they said on the tollhouses… it seems like a good way to end this idiotic dance.

Gnarly people out there, aren’t there? They’re cruel and vicious… and call themselves “Christians!” The Church doesn’t agree with either the Proddies or the Papists on this. As with so many other things nailed down in other groups, the Church has a freedom that one doesn’t find in most Christian groups. If the bishop gives oikonomia to someone, it isn’t weakness… no, not at all. In any case, why should that concern anyone? I’ll end this by saying that what I’ve seen of this “debate” turns my stomach with its cruelty and nastiness. I’ve done my best to avoid that. As I say, I hope that the bishops would shut this debate down… it’s not helping anyone. I’d say that I’m not alone in thinking this way… no, not alone at all…


6 June 2015. A Translated Russian Demot… “Asymmetrical Response”

00 I told you not to do it! 30.05.15


They huffed… and they puffed… and they scared no one, least of all Vova and his advisors. The Rodina holds all the cards… the USA is losing this hand of strip poker… they’re down to their socks and a smile… sheesh…


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