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Sunday, 7 June 2015

7 June 2015. The Very Bloodsoaked Earth Cries Out America’s Guilt to the World… No One is Forgotten… Nothing is Forgotten

00 novorossiya. dead kids. 02.06.15


Andrei Sergeyevich Yeliseyev, 18-years-old, and Daniil Andreyevich Kuznetsov, 14-years-old… killed in the Uniate nationalist aggression in Novorossiya. This is what America does… not only in Novorossiya, but in Afghanistan, Iraq, Gaza, Yemen, Somalia, Syria and too. What happened to the spirit of the New Deal? What happened to the America that was a part of the Anti-Hitler Coalition and that fought the Pacific War (not really one war, but two roughly concurrent conflicts)?

It was a long time coming… it wasn’t just Republicans, sadly enough. It was ignorant machine Democrats like Harry Truman, who equated Nazis and communists, and who advocating aiding whomever was down (let’s help the Nazis one day and the commies the next, he was saying)… if Harry Truman had never received the nomination and had Henry Wallace succeeded FDR, there would’ve never been a Cold War nor a Red Scare (there would’ve been a lot of asinine Congressional hearings… but nothing more). That’s how important personalities are (I am a Dostoyevskian, not a Tolstoyan). America went from the pro-worker New Deal to the present pro-oligarch hell that we inhabit today.

America turned its back on its principles and spat on its historical legacy… all to enrich the Country Club Set… who don’t give a rat’s ass for this country or its people. Reflect on that the next time that you hear any self-described “conservative” speak. Have you noticed that “sacrifice” always applies to us and never to them? If you haven’t, you’re not only blind, but willfully blind.

Quo Vadis, America?



7 June 2015. A Tale of Two Cities… One Worthy of Our Aid… The Other Not… TED CRUZ SAID SO!

00 Dallas and the Trinity River. 28.05.15


Ted Cruz attacked federal aid for Hurricane Sandy victims… Ted Cruz blubbers for aid for Texas flood victims. I’d observe that since Texas claims to despise “federal intervention” in their affairs, well, it’d be simple justice to deny them aid. Of course, one doesn’t do such miserable evil rot… but do note that Texans (as a group) ARE capable of such beastly behaviour. It tells you much about their character as a polity, doesn’t it? Yes… good people can live under crank régimes… that’s true. However, such people do NOT negate the evil of those crank polities. It’s a meaty thought…

Texas has had a crank ideology and underpinning ever since the Slaver Revolt of 1836. If you saw Texas Rising on the History Channel, you saw something that deserved the Pulitzer Prize for Best Fiction of the Year. If the Anglos didn’t like Mexico and its laws… well, shouldn’t they have left and gone back to the USA? Isn’t that what the ignoranus rightwing trash keep saying today? “If you don’t like it here, why don’t you go back to where you came from?” Indeed… why didn’t they follow their own advice and go back to the USA from whence they came to Mexico? It tells you much about American “conservatives”, doesn’t it? “Scoundrels and pissants!” Cordell Hull was right…


7 June 2015. “Before” and “After”… Galician Uniate Nationalism… The Mark of the Beast

00 ukrainian nationalists. azov battalion. 06.06.15



00 dead ukrainian soldiers, Krasny Partizan 01. 06.06.15



Reflect on this… Victoria Nuland is a Jew… she supports open Nazis. Victoria Nuland is a neocon Republican who was an aide to the arch-traitor, war criminal, and über-coward Richard Cheney (“I had better things to do” than serve in the US armed forces). As a Jew, she spat on her people by supporting the Ukrainian fascists… as a Republican, she spat on the sacrifice of American World War II vets by supporting a faction that were Nazi collaborators in World War II and helped the Nazis murder Jews… wait a minute… the USA also supports Croats, Bosnians, Balts, and Kosovar Albanians… all of whom were rabid Nazi collaborators and willing accomplices in the Holocaust. It’s a pattern, isn’t it?

It says much about the contemporary US Republican Party, doesn’t it? It also says much about Victoria Nuland as a person and as a Jew. Draw your own conclusions, kids…

Galician Uniate nationalism… the mark of the beast…


7 June 2015. Russian Demot… It Shows What the Rodina Thinks of Anglo Threats

00 white house down. putin. 07.06.15


The original post was:

When push comes to shove…

this outcome could happen…

but WHO really is the BULLY?

What Should happen to the Bully?


Russia isn’t scared of Anglo posturing and threats. America had best heed this…


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