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Sunday, 7 June 2015

OFFICIAL Day of the Russian Language… Our People’s Distinction, the Incarnation of the Russian People!

00 O Russian Land. 25.09.14.



In Donetsk, the Day of the Russian Language has always been a day of struggle for our cultural and linguistic rights. Now, it’s especially important for us to apprehend and understand that for which we fought for, to realise its true value. The Russian language is our principal inheritance. It incarnates the centuries-old history of the Russian people. It passes on to us the wisdom in our Russian proverbs and sayings. The Russian language is great, unique, multifaceted, melodic, sophisticated, and allegorical. The suppleness of our native language allows us to say things with many different shades and nuances. A language has the story of a people, its path of civilisation, so, the study and preservation of the Russian language isn’t just a leisure-time fancy, it’s a matter of some urgency. For us, it isn’t just an official language… it’s our treasured national heritage, the vehicle of our spirituality, and the catalyst of our rich culture. Therefore, we must treat it carefully and responsibly. M A Sholokhov wrote, “A language is the greatest treasure of its people! For thousands of years, it accumulates in its living word the great treasures of human thought and experience”. I wish that our mother tongue would permeate all our affairs and undertakings, so that everyone could hear us and understand us. To the holiday, Russian-speaking compatriots… on this Day of the Russian Language!

00 A E Purgin. DNR. donetsk pr. 07.06.15A E Purgin

Chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet

6 June 2015

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