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Monday, 8 June 2015

8 June 2015. Thank You Biden and McCain! The Funeral of Vanya Nesteruk… Murdered by America’s Lapdog Uniate Nationalists

00 Novorossiya. vanya funeral dead. 08.06.15


00 Novorossiya. vanya funeral dead 01. 08.06.15


00 Novorossiya. vanya funeral dead 02. 08.06.15


00 Novorossiya. vanya funeral dead 03. 08.06.15


00 Novorossiya. vanya funeral dead 04. 08.06.15


00 Novorossiya. vanya funeral dead 05. 08.06.15


This is the funeral of 4-year-old Vanya Nesteruk, murdered in the Galician Uniate nationalist terror bombardment of Telmanovo in the DNR. Soulless American politicos such as Chilly Hilly, John McCain, Joe Biden, and Ted Cruz all applaud this war crime. There’s something seriously wrong with our country… and with the Republican and Democratic Parties… that’s why Bernie has the professional pols scared shitless. America supports the killing and the aggression in Novorossiya.

Orthodox Christians! Look at who amongst us supports the murder of our children! Victor Potapov… works for the CIA front Radio Liberty… Freddie M-G… works for NPR (American government propaganda outlet)… Alexander Webster… apologist for Permanent Warfare State and “military chaplain”… Jonas Paffhausen… shameless collaborator of the neocon American Enterprise Institute… Rod Dreher… rightwing pundit and writer for the Far Right American Conservative (sic)… Lyonyo Kishkovsky… member of the Council on Foreign Relations… Serge Schmemann… member of the NY Times apparat… Sofia Kishkovskaya… willing journalist for the Western anti-Orthodox machine… John Jillions… former willing hireling of the Uniates. They’re not alone, sadly enough. We really should clean house and get rid of all the people mentioned above. They drive a knife into the Motherland’s back… all too often, for either filthy lucre or (more sadly) for mere “acceptance” and a seat at the Anglo high-table.

You can stand for our people and for Holy Rus or you can stand for Anglo American “exceptionalism”. I stand for the former… I’m NOT alone…

If you can make apologies for any of the people that I named after seeing these images… you have no heart… you have no soul… you are a worthless human being… I spit on you and everything that you stand for. I can’t state anything other than what I truly feel. Feel “superior” to me, if you will… so be it. The very tortured earth shrieks out…

It doesn’t bother those I named one little bit. They sleep well… they’re all “respectable” and “well-off” (I’m neither, in the world’s eyes). I have only one word for such people…



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