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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

There’s a Solid Swell of Support for Shutting Up Asshat Young-Elder “Conservatives” in re “Morality” and “Tollhouses” Out There… Shall the Bishops Listen?

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My two recent posts (here and here) on the Jenner affair and its fallout hit a nerve with my Cabinet. They’re in plain type; I’m in italics.

I think it’s very important to have this out there, but sadly, I doubt that it’d change the true believers of the target audience. These people will say that “doctrine” will always trump science… some of these believe that the world is 6,000-years-old. However, again, it’s still important to have it out there…

You don’t waste people’s time nor do you weigh them down with personal minutiae. You get to the point. No, I don’t expect to change any minds. However, I’d like to see the bishops slap some of these loud asshats down… they drive people out of the church!


You take the offensive and press it HOME. You can’t be nice with such people. The only thing that they understand is axe handles and coshes!

Toole is a monster, but you’re right about not trying to engage with them…


No, [Toole’s] piece isn’t bullshit. I know bullshit… you can mix it with dirt and grow things in it. This stuff would kill even the weeds. It’s of no earthly use to anyone, least of all, Christ’s Church.


There are people out there claiming and daring to speak for all Orthodox, for all of us… amongst them, John Whiteford, Rod Dreher, Elijah Borek, the Monomuckos crowd, Freddie M-G, Brum, Paffhausen, and Eliel. No… these people do NOT speak for the Church… the Church doesn’t obsess over homosexuals (or any other sexual minority), nor does it consider “tollhouses” an “important” doctrine. Firstly, do any of these people have cred? That is, do they have the necessary education to allow them “to discern the spirits?” The answer to that is an emphatic NO. Today, the Mother Church DEMANDS that ALL bishops have the kandidatura (Candidate of Sciences) in theology. NO EXCEPTIONS (it’s why Tikhon Shevkunov will never be a bishop). A Candidature requires five years of study at a theological academy or theological faculty of a university. Since bishops are, by definition, the main Teachers of the Faith in their dioceses, it makes sense to require that they know it before ordination! Likewise, anyone with a pretension to being a spokesman for the Church must have similar credentials. I don’t have such… I’m NOT a spokesman for the Church, nor am I claiming that I’m such. Grasshopper, if you thought that, you’re sadly mistaken!

None of the people that I mentioned have a kandidatura from Orthodox sources either (Paffso only has an M.Div., the usual trade-school degree for a priest, Whiteford only has Proddie bible school, Brum only has a papist education… the others are theological illiterates… no Orthodox graduate-level theological degree whatsoever). That is, not one of them has the theological chops to be making the noise that they do. You’ll note that they all obsess over the tollhouses, a noxious opinion brought amongst us by the Rose/Podmoshensky duopoly. Here’s something that passed between a Cabinet member and me (I’m in italics)…

EVERYBODY knows that the cat goes into the house first and that little devils sit on your left shoulder (as a little angel sits on your right). Besides that, you always sit for a moment before going on a trip, and that it’s customary to name kids after their grandparents. The sinners lick red-hot skillets in Hell and you need three on a bottle. There! I KNOW me superstitions and customs (as do you… now pass the jug… that was thirsty work). Why are tollhouse nutters acting up lately? Why won’t the ROCOR reissue its ban on discussing them? It made sense and it shut up the Podmo/Rose crazies for a decade or two. You know, Fatso pushed that, along with the Imiaslavtsy heresy. Why can’t the OCA SOBs come out and say, “Paffhausen was a heretic, that’s why we had to shitcan him”. “Mollard’s a dullard, but he isn’t a heretic” (that’s what one senior archpriest told me)… he’s right.

The tollhouse thing is a cyclical problem, I just don’t know why it won’t die the death it deserves. You have the Rose people pushing for his sainthood, which may be a contributing factor. Then, you have the demon-spouting converts like Whiteford and his Protestant baggage that seem to think we need some more hellfire and brimstone to scare us into believing this garbage. ROCOR would do us all a favour by reissuing its ban.

Yes, they’re pushing for Rose’s sainthood… but it has to have the Centre’s OK. What someone there told me was, “We’re not going to say ‘no’, but we’re not going to move very quickly on it either. Rodionov will be a saint before Rose is… Rose doesn’t have a large group of support here”. Therefore, there’s sanity. Yes… ROCOR AND the OCA should re-issue the ban on discussing the tollhouse thing. Did you see where Metropolitan Isaiah of Denver is in hot water for letting his priests preach on the tollhouses? 79th Street doesn’t like the tollhouse idiocy at all. Now, New Skete and Jordanville can AGREE on something! DON’T LAUGH… some people at the Centre do want a patch-up of the old ROCOR elements with the OCA… it seems that they mistrust converts like Reardon, Whiteford, and Freeman… stay tuned.

The tollhouses are NOT doctrine… the tollhouses are NOT dogma… the tollhouses are NOT a synodically-defined Teaching of the Church. They’re not even a theologoumena (considered theological opinion). They’re nothing but an old pious belief that one can take or not as one wishes. They didn’t get much play until Rose resurrected them in the late 60s. It’s become the sine qua non of the konvertsy. I swear that it’s more important to them than any article of the Creed (which IS a synodically-defined Teaching of the Church). Back in the 80s, the late Archbishop Antony Medvedev fought this gnarly opinion… it’s time to do it again. Don’t forget… this idiocy came amongst us due mainly to the malign influence of Seraphim Rose and Herman Podmoshensky. The pro-Rose crowd refuses to admit that Podmo was the theologically educated part of the duo, and that these two were very close, indeed (many of the things that you hear now of “Rose repudiating Podmoshensky before his death” are pure bullshit on the part of the Rose faction… they’re rationalisations for the fact that the ROCOR had to shitcan Podmo). ROSE LACKED A REAL ORTHODOX THEOLOGICAL OR MONASTIC FORMATION… you forget that at your peril. I can see why he appeals to those who also lack real Orthodox formation… there, half of you just wrote me off for not bowing before your idol. However, facts are facts. Rose lacked an Orthodox seminary formation and he lacked an Orthodox monastic formation before swanning off into the woods with Podmo. I refuse to say otherwise, for that’s what was, kids.

I want to leave you with the following. It’s what I believe, any road… I think that many of you share my beliefs. It’s time to get serious and get real. We have a Church to recapture from the loudmouth asshats…

The older I get the more pragmatic I get. Our job is to have a world where your baby can grow up without debt or brainwashing of either left or right.



9 June 2015. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This… “Stalin, Transgenderism, and Reinventing Reality”… Only an Unhinged Anglo Proddie Could Write Such Rubbish




I’ve warned you about the low-level of quality of a site called Christian Post. Hold on to your cookies! What follows is absolute malarkey and rubbish written by an idiot with no qualifications as a clinician, historian, or theologian. I’ll have much more to say later… firstly, you have to study this to know what ignoranus “conservatives” read and (worse) believe…



A new biography of Stalin’s daughter records that her understanding of him as a monster solidified when she overheard her father on the phone, when hearing that a Soviet Jewish leader was murdered on his own orders, instructing, “Mikhoels was killed in an automobile accident”. After hanging up, Stalin repeated to his daughter, “Mikhoels was killed in an automobile accident”. So he was! Stalin and his police state had the authority to decree reality, and any who openly doubted that supposed reality were treated as the executed Jewish leader. Dictatorships, especially totalitarian ones, recognise no objective truth, only what’s determined or accepted by the state or ruling elites. Truth is a tool of control, enforced by coercion. The primary tools against this subversion of fact are religion’s transcendent authority, what is observable in nature, confirmed by conscience. Christianity broadly understands that God gifted every conscience with some notion of reality, however corrupted by fallen nature. When the supposed fatal car accident of the Soviet Jewish leader was announced, most thoughtful people must have known inwardly it wasn’t so. However, their interior common sense didn’t matter. Stalin and the Party controlled reality, and all but martyrs bent to their truth.

Obviously, the USA isn’t a totalitarian police state by any means. However, our postmodern secular culture, as it becomes more divorced from the constraints and wisdom of religion, becomes more detached from reality and more angrily intolerant of any dissent from its evolving fantasies. Any scepticism about the secular élites’ latest shibboleths is treated with horror and vociferous denunciation, followed sometimes by coercive efforts to silence or drive from public life the dissenters if they refuse to go silent. This month’s coercive cause is the demand that not only Bruce Jenner is a woman, but that he was always a woman, even if he didn’t fully claim that identity until recently at age 65. Of course, it’s now required to point out, Jenner isn’t now, was never, and will never be a woman. Neither he nor anyone else can make him a woman. However, the ideologically rooted falsehood that he is and has always been a woman cannot withstand or tolerate pointing out the truth of what everyone deep down, including Jenner himself, really knows, which is that he is a man. Christianity teaches that on the Last Day, Jenner’s body, which is eternal, will resurrect, and stand before God as a man.

The hectoring pretence that Jenner was never a man, even when as a famous male athlete his masculine body appeared on millions of cereal boxes, magazine covers, and television sets, almost recalls the Stalinist habit of doctoring photos to remove politically incorrect persons who officially no longer and never existed. Stalin’s police state once employed thousands to literally splice from encyclopaedias, history books and old newspapers any record of de recognized persons. Transgender ideology does not have a police apparatus per se, but it has captured one of our great political parties, much of the media, academia, eventually much of government, including probably the judiciary, and of course much of corporate America, which is never slow to prostitute itself to avant guard (sic) {this ignoramus can’t spell “avant garde”: editor} forces of popular culture. Children will be instructed in public schools that gender is malleable and divorced from physical reality. Liberal clergy will preach it to their empty churches. Professional witch hunters will expose, attack and try to browbeat into silence, if not criminalise, dissent from transgender orthodoxy.

Ideologies premised on deep falsehood by definition require coercion and threats. When the Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco recently described transgenderism’s variance with church teaching, and reality, a Religion News Service reporter mocked his “judging, judging, judging”. Of course judging, and punishing, transgenderism’s dissenters is not only fine, it will become, and maybe always is, a requirement for entrance into the ranks of cultural elites. What’s the cure for this rancid ideology that wars on many fronts against reality and liberty? Public dissent and mockery are important tools against pretentious falsehoods. Silence, especially from fear or indifference, only offers complicity. The Church, if committed to the Gospel and to genuine service to humanity, will be bold in reminding us all, despite the threats and harangues against it, that popular culture, even if armed with political and economic power, doesn’t have the power to reinvent reality. Truth flows from the throne of God, Who is Himself Truth. Faithfulness to and love for Him will require telling the petty cultural Stalin wannabes of our day, no, it was NOT a car accident.

5 June 2015

Mark D Tooley

Christian Post




This guy expects us to take him seriously. He does! He was a CIA asset/operative for eight years, probably a buff (analyst) and not an agent (jock)… the turgid writing seems to point that up. A jock would’ve said it all in about half the words. Firstly, he has no clinical background, so, all his statements on transsexualism are GIGO from the start. He has no medical training, let alone clinical practise, so, everything that he says is utter rubbish from stem to stern. Secondly, he isn’t a trained academic historian… one can see this in his presentation, which he didn’t source or footnote. You can’t check back his allegations! A trained historian would’ve given some form of bona fides in such an article, even if it were just bare bones, “Conquest, The Great Terror, p. 235”. Thirdly, the man is no theologian, so, he doesn’t know what Christianity teaches on the eschaton (in fact, most real theologians shy away from the topic… as the ROCOR bishops said, “Very little is revealed”). In short, he has no warrant to speak on the topic at all.

Furthermore, where does this phoney get his funding? He’s “President” of the Institute of Religion and Democracy, a Hard Right stink tank with funding from the usual “conservative” sugar daddies… Olin, Scaife, and Bradley. This group is heavily into “steeple-jacking”… small groups of Hard Right fanatics attempt to steal congregations and property, to move them to groups that are more “conservative”.

In short… this man has no credentials, therefore, everything that he wrote is sheer twaddle. Note well that Orthodox konvertsy eat this shit up. My warning to all sane people is what I always say:

  • Do NOT comment in the commboxes of their websites
  • Do NOT frequent their venues or discussions
  • Do NOT publicise their events or publications
  • Do NOT argue with them in person

If they attempt to take over your parish, complain to the bishop! Don’t argue with these asshats… they don’t have credentials, so, they shouldn’t be discussing some of these things in the first place. My warning to all of you is that these pigheaded heretics won’t listen to you or me. They won’t listen to Christ and His Church, so, why would they listen to us? Let them be. Most of ‘em engage in spiritual masturbation… it’s pointless, fruitless, and leads to no good result. Pass the jug and count to “ten”… it’s all that one can do. Be good. Have a care… there be cowpats in that there road, and some of ‘em are very juicy and oozy, indeed.


A Glass of Love: A Poem by Konstantin Achapovsky

00 Ilya Zavadsky. A Good Night. The River Berezna, Belarus. a poem Love. 2015


9 June 2015. Video. American Volunteer in the DNR Shows Destruction Wrought by Biden’s Puppets in Novorossiya

00 dnr. donetsk pr 01. 13.05.15



An American volunteer tells the truth… unlike Joe Biden, who’s a congenital liar who’s never told the straight truth to save his soul. You can stand with the peace-loving people of Novorossiya or you can stand with money-grubbing power-hungry monsters like Chilly Hilly, John McCain, Joe Biden, and Ted Cruz. If you attack me for being open about my despising of Biden and his ilk and their chicanery, so be it. I spit on you, too. I’m long past the point of caring what condescending “master race” Anglos think of me or of people like me. Go and play with yourselves, “exceptional ones”… I look at the suffering of my Slavic blood-kin, and it shakes me to my innermost being.

No… I won’t be nice… no… I won’t be “reasonable”… if you continue to act lower than the very beasts do, fuck you and the camel you came in on. That’s the long and the short of it all.


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