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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Why Does the Family Values Crowd Ignore It When Evangelical Areas Get Socked with a Natural Disaster? Just Sayin…

00 Hurricane Sandy. 30.10.12


A friend of mine wrote this:

Have you noticed that when tornadoes, hurricanes or even the odd earthquake hits the Bible Belt one never hears the Pat Robertson types decree that it was the Finger of God for the Bible Belt’s sins? Natural disasters are only Heaven’s judgement when they hit NYC, San Francisco, New Orléans, or other non-fundamentalist parts. Well, it’s the same here… if someone in the USA displays a blasphemous artwork like “Piss Christ” the Right freaks out (they should… absolutely!). However, when something like this or Pussy Riot occurs in Russia and the Church squashes it… SOUND THE ALARM! THE ORTHODOX CHURCH IS FANATICAL!


Need I say more? After all, tornadoes routinely rip through Born Again districts, don’t they? Is God trying to tell them something (the biter bit, eh?)…



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