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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

DNR Mintrans Projects Construction of Natural Gas Supply Grid in Debaltsevo

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The DNR Ministry of Transport (Mintrans) began work on extending the natural gas supply grid to Debaltsevo, with contractors following plans for construction of a consumer supply grid. A Mintrans source said, “The DNR Mintrans drafted a plan for the construction of a natural gas supply grid in Debaltsevo. We’ll lay an underground pipeline parallel to the Uglegorsk-Debaltsevo rail line”. Mintrans plans for this work to take place in three stages. Firstly, it’ll build a high-pressure gas line. Then, it’d lay medium pressure pad tracks through the city. Lastly, it’d repair and construct consumer distribution systems and install gas control and distribution points. Our source noted, “We plan to convert 54 boilers to natural gas. The end-point of the high-pressure gas supply pipeline would be the locomotive depot in Debaltsevo. Our intent is to connect the projected gas supply pipeline to the existing aboveground pipeline near Kayutino”. Donetskoblgaz will carry out this work. At present, there’s no fixed starting-date or budget estimate for the project.

Debaltsevo is the largest railway junction in the DNR, connecting in multiple directions. Its railway depot repairs wheel-sets, manufactures rolling stock, and has an automated control system in its marshalling yards. Despite its strategic importance, the city didn’t have connections to the natural gas supply grid. DNR forces liberated Debaltsevo on 18 February. When the junta militants retreated, they did their best to sabotage communications and transportation lines, including the railway junction. The heavy fighting destroyed some 80 percent of the buildings in the city. The DNR has made restoring public utilities in Debaltsevo one of its priority tasks.

9 June 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



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