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Saturday, 13 June 2015

13 June 2015. THIS is What the Uniates and Schismatics Do… They Bless Objective Evil

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THis is why I advise people to have as little as possible to do with “Ukrainian Catholics” and “Ukrainian Orthodox”… their institutions bless the objectively evil invasion of Novorossiya and they bless the murder of our children and old folks via terror bombardments. I’d notice that Anglo American filth applaud them for this too… of them all, as bad as Chilly Hilly and Ted Cruz are, the most satanic in their hatred is Joe Biden… a pro-Ustaše Croat RC priest initiated him into hatred for Orthodoxy, especially Russian and Serbian Orthodoxy. Biden is an unrepentant thief and a brutal hater of the Orthosphere. He’s a fanatic papist… and a greedy grasping bankster. One of his sons is on the board of an American corporation that wants to rape Novorossiya of its natural wealth to benefit the Anglo Affluent Effluent. That’s why he supports the Ukrofascist terrorists in their invasion… he and his family would profit personally!

DO NOT ARGUE WITH “UKRAINIAN NATIONALISTS!” Often, in online venues, they’re looking to get you banned for “hate speech”. Don’t take their bait… don’t argue with them. It just makes Russian Orthodox people look bad. Let their evil enlighten people as to their true motives and intentions. Stay out of pointless disputes. They’re NOT going to change their minds. Keep it focused.

“Ukrainian Nationalism”… the Mark of the Beast. Oppose them… but don’t hate. If you do, Satan wins… he’s already done so with the schismos and Uniates. We have a higher obligation… don’t forget that. You may wield the sword, but not against innocents. If you do, you fall into the same cesspit that the Banderovtsy live in. Keep it cool and keep it kosher…


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