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Monday, 15 June 2015

15 June 2015. Back to the Future in Simferopol… “Last Bell 2015”

00 simferopol. crimea. last bell 2015. 12.06.15


The Crimea is now one of the most “Red” portions of Russia. It was a KPU stronghold under “Ukrainian” occupation… it’s a KPRF bastion now. The people of the Crimea are NOT going to give in to Western pressure. Look at these kids… the “Last Bell” is the last day of school, it’s like an American High School graduation day. Friends tell me that the people of the Crimea have swiftly removed ALL signs of the “Ukrainian” occupation. They’re RUSSIAN, and that’s that. Even people of “Ukrainian” background refuse to speak Galician pidgin… everybody speaks Russian or Surzhik. The people want the USSR back… they want the social programmes, the focus on internal development, and the pride that goes with being one of the global powers. Make no mistake on it… Russia has stopped cringing before the toddler Anglo Americans.

The New Russia amalgamates the best of the Old Russian, Tsarist, and Soviet legacies… it owes NOTHING to Anglo American juvenile notions… this upsets the USA. They’d best get used to it. Russia is going to follow its own way… the USA doesn’t have the strength to stop them. Look at this picture… not only do the people of the Crimea want the USSR back, so do most of the people in the notional “Ukraine”. It’s only a matter of time before the American puppet state falls, just like the Republic of Vietnam did in 1975. God willing, the time won’t be long… to cut short the suffering.



15 June 2015. A Thought from Elder St Aleksei Solovyov of the Zosimov Pustyn (+1928)

00 orthodox monks. st aleksei of Zosimov Pustyn. 150615



Religious Procession in Lugansk Honoured the Icon of the Mother of God “of Lugansk”

00 lugansk procession. orthodox. russia 01. 150615


00 lugansk procession. orthodox. russia 02. 150615


00 lugansk procession. orthodox. russia 03. 150615


00 lugansk procession. orthodox. russia 04. 150615


00 lugansk procession. orthodox. russia 05. 150615


Narration in Russian, but worth watching for the visuals


00 lugansk procession. orthodox. russia 06. 150615


00 lugansk procession. orthodox. russia 07. 150615


00 lugansk procession. orthodox. russia 08. 150615

00 lugansk procession. orthodox. russia 09. 150615


00 lugansk procession. orthodox. russia 10. 150615


Believers held a procession through the main streets of the capital in honour of the icon of the Mother of God “of Lugansk”. At 08.00, at All Saints parish (near the bus station at the trolleybus depot) held Divine Liturgy, and at 15.00 a procession began from the Icon of the Mother of God “of Tenderness” parish to All Saints part. At the end of the procession this evening, the clergy will serve the Akathist to the Most Holy Godbearer and Mother of God.  From 12 to 14 June, with the blessing of His Eminence Mitrofan Yurchuk, Metropolitan of Lugansk and Alchevsk, believers held celebrations to honour the icon of the Most Holy Mother of God “of Lugansk”.

In Lugansk, the Church celebrates the appearance of the Mother of God in June for three days… as she commanded Elder-Deacon Filipp of Lugansk (here and here) (Filipp Yeliseyevich Gorbenko, born 22 November 1858). Hagiography has it that the Mother of God appeared three times in different years to Elder Filipp, showing him a route of a procession across the city. Elder Filipp had the icon of the Mother of God “of Lugansk” painted, and it was in his cell until his death, but people often photographed and copied it during his lifetime. After his death on 22 November 1956, people thought that the icon was lost forever. However, in 2009, by happy circumstance, a local TV crew found it in Aleksandrovsk, where Elder Filipp served as a deacon in his last years. As it turned out, the icon didn’t disappear as all sources claimed; it just was in a hidden place all the time, waiting for the right time. This icon is closely associated with the prophecies of Elder Filipp, who promised that it’d play a crucial role in the life of the city and become a landmark in its history.

14 June 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


15 June 2015. BREAKING NEWS Has Maymon Suspended Fr Bohush in Philadelphia On Hearsay? Perspirin’ Minds Wanna Know…

00 Train Wreck of the OCA. 23.09.12


Got this whisper:

Fr John Bohush is 80 and has been a priest for 56 years. That asshole Mark suspended him on hearsay.

That’s all… but my informant said to “break it open”… therefore, if you’re OCA or Russian Orthodox of any “flavour”, pass this on. It looks like Maymon is up to skulduggery. I checked oca.org, but there’s nothing there. If this is so… it means that NO priest is safe from the konvertsy brats. This is what Fatso wanted… this is what Moriak wanted… you do see the pattern. The buzz had it that Fr John was considering going over to Moscow… this is interesting, isn’t it?

Stay tuned… it ain’t over yet…



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