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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

OCA SOB Gives Fatso His Walking Papers

01 Kicked Out


The whole story is here. Here’s the only relevant part:

It was decided to issue a letter releasing the Former Archbishop of Washington, Metropolitan Jonah, to the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. His release becomes official with his receipt of said letter.

That’s all folks… he gets no money and he gets no real power. It took over two years due to Fatty’s greed and power-hunger. Now, it’s difficult for him to ingratiate himself with the Centre as he backs all the godless Republican filth in the District that want to attack the Rodina. He’ll hang around Potapov… or at least he’ll try to… I’d advise Ilarion Kapral to rusticate this fat poseur to a monastery as soon as possible. Fatso was insubordinate and a pain-in-the-arse to the OCA SOB… he’ll do the same with the ROCOR, I’m certain. Of course, his loud claque will think him innocent… but if he crosses Ilarion Kapral, he may find himself in a hermitage in the Australian outback. After all, he IS a monastic. I’ll check later to see if any official word surfaces on the main ROCOR site or patriarchia.ru…

I’m glad this is over. I think that Fatty will wear out his welcome in short order… he’ll find out that Ilarion Kapral doesn’t brook insubordination or foolishness… do remember what Ilarion did to that bunch of dippy nuns in Maryland. I’m not guessing… I’m prophesying.



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