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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

17 June 2015. Here’s How “Religious” People Act… If This is “Religion”, I Can See Why People Reject It

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My attitude towards the “hyper-religious” and “priest-ridden”… more people have left religion because of such shit than any other reason…


I heard some interesting buzz about Jason Kappanadze, an Orthodox religious fanatic of the first degree. The word has it that this “moral crusader” forced his eldest daughter into a shotgun wedding, after she made an official apology to her parents and the church community one Sunday in front of the congregation in the church. Her “marriage” is practically over now, so I wonder who’s really perverting the sacraments… it isn’t this-or-that homosexual! I got the buzz from two sources (one clerical), so, I’ll give it a probable. This is what the rightwing asshats do. This is what Evangelical sectarians do… NOT CHRISTIANS. There be counterfeits in circulation… some of those with the biggest professions have the smallest actions, if you catch my drift. I find this repulsive. Keep your distance from such sorts if you can. This is why people reject religion.



17 June 2015. A Translated Russian Demot… Save Novorossiya Kids

00 save the kids of novorossiya. 170615


The image in the demot above is from Israel… that doesn’t matter. It illustrates perfectly what kids go through in all the lands that suffer under American-instigated aggression and warfare. It could be Gaza… it could be Yemen… it could be Pakistan… it could be Novorossiya… it could be Syria or Iraq… it happens to be Israel, which suffers because of an extremist government propped up by the USA (sounds like the Kiev putschist junta, doesn’t it?). Tiny kids hear the civil defence sirens… and know what to do. Isn’t that disgusting? Isn’t that obscene?

You know whom to thank… Butcher Biden… Stooge Cruz… Chilly Hilly… Hero McCain… they all shill for perpetual warfare as it benefits them personally. This is what America has become… a Moloch that devours children to enrich the Country Club set. “Pro-Life”… “Pro-Choice”… it doesn’t matter when there’s money to be made, kids. I find that nauseating… I think that I’m not alone…


17 June 2015. Have a Care with ALL Western Websites that Purport to Give You the Church’s Teaching on ANYTHING

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THIS is what these Western asshats are peddlin’… steer clear. They’re not in the Church, of the Church, or part of the Church in any way. NEVER take Western statements of our position at face value, and never take konvertsy statements at face value either… most are fellow-travellers of Western religion and the Western Weltanschauung.


This article on “churches embracing homosexuality” is pure BS. Dmitri Smirnov is not high in the apparat. HH removed him as a contact with the armed forces because he didn’t hew to HH’s line. Hannes Jacobses is a clueless GOAA konvert priest who knows nothing of the real inner workings of the MP (he’s a slobbering fan of Alfeyev). If Mark Golovkov, Varsonofy Sudakov, or V A Chaplin said these things, I might listen, as they’re the Troika around HH. HH does not make statements like this, as it might backfire, so he has the Troika speak out on controversial topics. Not everything out of the Centre is official, and some people in the Church apparat aren’t kosher spokesmen. Y ‘need a scorecard to know the players… this set of Western “Pro-Life” asshats don’t know ‘em … neither does Hannes Jacobses. Check patriarchia.ru or the ZhMP for the official stuff.

Have a care with this site (and all Western websites posting info on the Church). Some of the things it reported are outright fibs, others quote marginal figures (like Hannes Jacobses), and others use unimportant figures in the apparat to distort our actual position. The Westerns aren’t our friends nor is their agenda our agenda. There be cowpats on that road. I’d say not to coöperate with papist and “Evangelical” groups… they’re not only the foes of Orthodoxy, their “take” isn’t the same as the Church’s, so, be careful. Also, be careful of loudmouthed convert clergy… most of ‘em kiss up to papists and “Evangelicals”, God alone knows why, but they do.

HH said, “We respect all human choices, including those of sexual orientation, but we reserve the right to call ‘sin’ a sin”. That’s what I stand for, not this konvertsy/heterodox rubbish.


17 June 2015. Let’s Have Justice… For Both Cops AND People

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. Sanders on race. 170615


There’s been much ado about the rash of police shootings in black neighbourhoods. Firstly, all reasonable people have to ask, “If it’s happening, why is it happening, and what can we do about it?” Yes… it does seem to be happening. Well, why have cops become more violent? One reason is that the cops don’t live in the nabe. In fact, they often come from a far-different milieu and environment, which means that they misread situations. One friend of mine, a retired NY State trooper, told me, “All too often, cops are alone, without immediate backup, in situations where they’re continually on-edge and anxious because they can’t really ‘read’ the people around them. It’s amazing that there hasn’t been MORE shootings”. I asked him what’d help… “two-man patrols at minimum, at least half the cops live in the neighbourhood, and cops should do off-duty volunteer work in the neighbourhood patrolled”. This sounds OK to me, but why don’t people understand that “affirmative action” is necessary for good policing (a homie could read the signs better than an outsider, let’s be frank)?

Truly, I think that some of the “reasons” adduced, both by “conservatives” and “liberals” are utter bullshit. I think that my friend is right… two-man patrols… have cops from the neighbourhood police the neighbourhood… have cops help out the folks that they work with. These are simple straightforward solutions, that’s why I think that they won’t ever get put in. We’ll have violence until we realise that people in the inner city view the cops as occupying forces… which they wouldn’t if a large proportion of them were homies. Fox News didn’t cause this epidemic… 9/11 and the National Security State didn’t cause it… we have to face the fact that we refuse to let locals patrol their home areas. I speak as someone who doesn’t much care for affirmative action, but it makes good-sense to have men from the hood on the streets, even if their test scores were lower.

I think that no one’s listening on either side. That’s why we need someone like Bernie, who’s proven that he can speak to both sides (he did win the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont, the most conservative region of the state). That’s why I hope that the rumours that he’s just a stalking horse for Chilly Hilly are just that… rumours. If he does bow out in her favour, I’ll not work for her election… nor would many others. I’d hope that Senator Sanders would consider that. Nobody wants another Ross Perot.

I state this openly and honestly… those of you who don’t like honesty and openness can get fucked… in the most expeditious fashion. Our country’s future is too serious for bullshit games. I speak as a responsible elder in my sixties, I’m no kid. We’ll have to see… I hope that Bernie’s on the up and square… no one wants the Wicked Witch of Wall Street… and that’s that.


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