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Friday, 19 June 2015

About 500 LNR Kids Went on Holiday in the Crimea

00 LNR kids at camp 01. 190615


00 LNR kids at camp 02. 190615


00 LNR kids at camp 03. 190615


Today, LNR Chairman of the Council of Ministers G N Tsypkalov stated that the first contingent of kids from the LNR went to summer camps in the Crimea, “Today, we sent off 480 kids from the LNR. They’re not only from Lugansk, but also from Krasny Luch, Pervomaisk, Bryanka, Stakhanov, and Krasnodon. We thank the Russian Federation for the opportunity for our kids to camp in the Crimea, to buck up their health and to help them prepare for the new school year. Last year, they really didn’t get a summer”. The first group to go on holiday were 116 children from special categories. In total, some 2,500 kids will holiday in the Crimea. Seeing the kids off, Tsypkalov wished them a good holiday and emphasised that this was possible thanks to the Russian Federation, which gave LNR kids free trips to the Crimea, “Our children are our future, and we must look to the future. Due to Russian generosity, you’ll have a chance to have some fun, a chance that not every kid gets, to go to camp in Russia in the Crimea, but you got that chance. Good luck, smiles, new achievements, and come back home”. Earlier, Acting Deputy Chairman of the LNR Council of Ministers Vasili Nikitin reported at a meeting of the LNR Public Council that the Russian side was making provision for the campers.

19 June 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



19 June 2015. We’ve Been Dealing With SERIOUS Stuff… Time for a VULGAR Laugh (Youse Been Warned)

00 if you haven't grown up. 23.05.15


19 June 2015. The Voices of Novorossiya’s Kids…

00 kids in cellar shelter. novorossiya. 06.06.15


A friend sent me the following… children shouldn’t be saying things like this:

Ksyusha (6), Lugansk:

Most of all I’m afraid my Mom and Dad will die. Then, I won’t be able to save my 6-month-old brother. It’d be better if I got killed.

Seryozha (4), LNR:

My Daddy went to war. Mommy and Grandma cry every day. They say nothing to me. This make me scared even more… maybe, Daddy’s gone already?

Sasha (3), DNR:

I want to eat. Always…

Tanya (5), Mariupol:

What we have is scarier than horror movies. Funerals take place every day…

Sveta (4.5), Slavyansk:

Our house got bombed. My Mom, Grandma, and I live in a basement. When another bomb fell in our yard, I started to stutter.

Vanya (4), Kramatorsk:

When bomb thumped, I got scared and wet myself. Now, every night, when I hear thunder, I wet myself, and my mom looks at me and cries a lot…

Sergei (8), LNR:

I’m not afraid to die, but if my Mother, Father and Grandmother die, I won’t be able to live through this.

Yevgenia (9), DNR:

During the war we began to believe in God for real, without pretending. Because we understand, only God can defend us.

Tamara (6), refugee from Slavyansk:

The war happens when all around you is only evil, but the good are killed and buried somewhere far away.

I needn’t add anything to this. I spit on you if you support the Galician Uniate nationalist aggressors and their Anglo American sugar-daddies. There’s nothing more to say…


19 June 2015. The Very Earth Shrieks in Pain… Don’t Forget… Butcher Biden and Chilly Hilly Approve of This!

00 gorlovka madonna. 180615


Look at this! LOOK HARD AND LONG… THIS is what the Republican neocons and Democratic “Humanitarian Interventionists” approve of. It isn’t very “humanitarian” or “humane”, is it? Most of the Establishment, Corporate, Government, and Media, approves of this. The worst two are Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, both of whom I’d assess as objectively evil individuals who know exactly what they’re doing… they don’t give a good goddamn who suffers and dies so long as they profit mightily from the exercise.

Be careful with online and Facebook groups that claim to support Bernie Sanders. Some are actually groups that favour the war criminal Hillary Clinton… you can tell if they forbid criticism of Hilly. Groups that do so are trying to wean away Sanders people into Hilly’s camp (“she’s only the only one who can win”, yadda, yadda, yadda). Have a care. Hoo boy, I stepped in one myself, so, please, do have a care!

If you favour Hillary Clinton in any way, you share in her objectively evil support of the Galician Uniate nationalists… you share in her blood-guilt for the many innocent civilian lives lost. Reflect on that. Support Bernie… he’s America’s last best hope.


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