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Sunday, 21 June 2015

DNR Youth Parliament Took Part in International Conference in Italy

00 DNR Youth parliament. 210615


The international NGO Русское поле (Russkoye Polye: Russian Field) organised an international conference in Italy entitled «Войны, которых нет» (The War, Which Isn’t). Members of the Youth Parliament of the DNR People’s Soviet were at the conference. The report of the DNR delegation stated, “Novorossiya, as well as many countries in the world that gained independence in one way or another remain unrecognised by the international community. At first glance, it seems to interfere with interstate dialogue. Economy, culture, education, and other activities seem cut off from international coöperation. However, we can mitigate the stigma of ‘unrecognised’ with informal diplomacy”. Our Youth Parliament conducted scientific and political conferences with counterparts from the SNG and Greece, and is planning to expand coöperation with other countries, including Spain and Georgia.

21 June 2015

Official website of the DNR Peoples Soviet and Council of Ministers



3,000 Citizens Restated Their Commitment to the DNR in Donetsk

00 donetk. dnr. allegiance 01. 210615


00 donetk. dnr. allegiance 02. 210615


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Today, about 3,000 people took an oath of loyalty to the DNR in Donetsk. D V Pushilin, Vice-Chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet, members of the “Donetsk Republic” movement, athletes, and volunteers took part in the ceremony. The event commemorated the first anniversary of the solemn oath taken by the original DNR opolchenietsy. Today, in memory of that event, our citizens vowed, “To defend the Motherland from all enemy attacks, to strictly abide by the laws and keep the peace, to remember the podvig of our soldiers who laid down their lives for their native home, and to be faithful to the Donbass”. Many children and teenagers were present; each child got ice cream and balloons in the colours of the DNR national flag.

Pushilin addressed the crowd, “You know, if we embrace sport to have healthy young people, if we know who the real heroes are and who were the fascists, if we dress in [Red Army] uniforms on holidays to show our debt to our heroes, and if we hold events such as this one as often as we can, with our kids taking part, then, we’ll hold our Republic. The constant shelling of the DNR doesn’t take responsibility for what happens from the authorities… we must fulfil all our commitments to build a new state. We must build our Republic, organise holidays, and educate our young people. I’m sure that with such young people as we have, the DNR will have a bright future”.

Following the mass oath-taking ceremony, there were performances by Masters of Sports from «Workout» in Makeyevka and Donetsk, demonstrations of martial arts athletes from “Leopard”, as well as a dance flash mob. Andrei Chernyshyov, Secretary of the Donetsk Chapter of “Donetsk Republic”, said, “Today’s event is a tribute to the event on 21 June 2014 when the soldiers of the Republican Guard and the opolchenietsy came to the main square in Donetsk and took the oath of allegiance to the Republic. We believe that if we remember our history, we have a great and bright future”.

21 June 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


21 June 2015. Two Demots on Racialism… Why Isn’t It Terrorism When Black Folks Die at the Hands of White Racists? Just Sayin…

00 Its Not Terrorism. fox news. 210615


00 Albrecht Dürer. Portrait of an African Woman Katherina. 1521. maya angeou


Could you imagine the uproar at Fox News, amongst “Evangelicals”, and in the Republican Party if a black man killed nine white people in church… or, better yet, if a Muslim killed nine white people in church? TERRORISM! MURDER! REVENGE! KILL ‘EM ALL! However, since the killer was a white racist, they excuse him. I won’t argue with such sorts and neither should you. This is why I hate conservatism and all of its sick and perverted sponsors and supporters. This is why I’ve rejected the Republican Party and “conservatism” and you should do likewise. DO NOT ARGUE WITH THEM. They love it! They’re pigs in shit if you do that.

Orthodox people… that’s why you must reject the “conservative” pabulum spouted by Rod Dreher and John Whiteford. They support the Republican racists and their vicious Anti-Life Programme. If you support the Republican Party, you support objective evil, and no Orthodox Christian can do that.

However, don’t stoop to the hatred of the Republicans and the “conservatives”… nor should you emulate the snotty “niceness” and condescension of the “liberals”… in some ways, they’re worse than the “conservatives” are… the righties at least make no pretence of love or generosity… they simply fuck you for their own benefit and tell you that’s the way of the world, and that they’re going to get theirs, by God. Chilly Hilly and Butcher Biden are WORSE than Rubio and Cruz are… the pretensions of the former turn all decent people’s stomachs… the antics of the latter are simply the simian posturing of the ignorant.

Fight evil wherever it raises its head. God expects that of you… “niceness” is Satan’s own philosophy. Think on that…


21 June 2015. A Colloquy with a Cabineteer About HH

00 Patriarch Kirill. Mamayev Kurgan. 18.02.14


00 Patriarch Kirill. 12.02.14


01 Patriarch Kirill


I’m in italics; my interlocutor is in plain type.



Kirill is an excellent politician as well as a man of prayer. He’s exactly what the Church needs, someone who can navigate both spiritual and secular waters.

Remember, his first choice of career was as an air force pilot, and he enrolled in an officer’s institute, but got bounced during K’s years because he was a priest’s son. He was a protégé of Nikodim Rotov and Vlad Sabodan.

Church leaders don’t just fall from the sky; they’re groomed for the job. They grow up around ruling circles, so, they know what the job entails. They know people… people know them. The sad thing in America is that nobody grooms new leaders, so it’s always a crapshoot when they consecrate another bishop.

Nikodim and Vladimir groomed Kirill. Did you note how he treated Sabodan? Almost like a father!

I did. You know, I’ve always heard bad stories about Nikodim, but Kirill prays for him at every Liturgy. What’s your take on Rotov?

He did what he did to save the Church in K’s years. Full stop. End of story. Let those who went through similar bullshit talk. I have. I understand. How about you?

I agree. We can say what we would’ve done, but we don’t know until we face the situation ourselves, which is why I appreciate the MP’s position during the reunification talks in re ROCOR… they stayed, fought, bled, and died for their faith.


HH is the man of the hour… where shall our Church be in five years? No one knows… but with such a steersman, it won’t falter because of infirm and feeble command!


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