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Sunday, 21 June 2015

21 June 2015. This Is His Commandment

00 evening in Sevastopol. Viktoriya Stupin. 2015. this is his commandment



21 June 2015. Must-See Stephen Cohen Interview on Russia

00 russians are like a kalashnikov. 06.03.15



Here’s one of the best things that I’ve seen on the situation so far… well-worth a half-hour of your time…


DNR Minoborony Reported 38 Junta Ceasefire Violations

00 dnr. donetsk pr. war damage 01. 210615


Today, the DNR Minoborony reported, “Over the past 24 hours, the enemy committed 38 ceasefire violations. The enemy fired 75 artillery shells and 148 8.2-cm/12-cm mortar shells at us, besides using RPGs and small arms. They fired at Donetsk (Petrovsky and Kuibyshev Raions, Donetsk airport), Yasinovataya, Spartak, Shirokino, Krasnoarmeisk, Pavlopol, Staromikailovka, Panteleimonovka, and Zaichenko. Currently, we continue to clarify data on civilian and military casualties”.

21 June 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


21 June 2015. The Three Kittens on Butcher Biden and Chilly Hilly

00 cat 03


The Three Kittens (Три котенка) are a Russian animated multifilm series teaching very little children all kinds of  useful lessons… in one, the kittens get ahold of Baba’s mobile and call the emergency numbers. That’s to teach kids to call “01” for fire, “02” for the cops, and “03” for the ambulance (and “112” as the Russian “911”). Well, they’re the purr-fect “commentators” on this or on that, aren’t they? Oh, “Vova” is a Russian diminutive for “Vladimir”, thus for VVP…


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