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Monday, 22 June 2015

Junta Officers Who Rallied to the DNR Want to Help Build a Peaceful Life in Novorossiya

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Today, at a news conference in Donetsk, junta officers who rallied to the DNR spoke of their aspirations to help build a peaceful future in the Republic. Major General A V Kolomiets said, “I lived in Donetsk 19 years. I know that this is a beautiful country, with beautiful people… I hope to find myself a job here to further the good of the DNR”. Colonel Yevgeny Kudinov said, “We’ll help to protect your families, your land… the entire DNR. We’ll carry out all of our orders; we’ll see to it that they have positive intent”. Sergei Chekalov, a VV MVDU* officer noted, “Now, we’re helping to defend the Republic, but we’d like to direct our future efforts to peaceful purposes”. Colonel Sergei Dobrenko observed, “Our main task is to protect our Republic, to be on guard for peace. In future, we’d like to work for the reconstruction and prosperity of our land”. For his part, Lieutenant Colonel Yedko added, “I was able to talk with Ukrainian officers APU who hadn’t dishonoured themselves. They call the Banderovtsy battalions ‘our fascists’. I couldn’t understand why they didn’t turn around and march on Kiev, why they continue to carry out criminal orders. After our victory, I intend to retire from the army, I’ll babysit my grandchildren”. Colonel Chekalov put in, “After the end of hostilities, we’d find plenty to do… we have a great city. Our industry will rise again. They’ll need us, and we’re ready to work”. Lieutenant Colonel Turbinev shared, “The primary task is to defend the interests of the Republic, our families, our fellow citizens. I’ll work both for myself and for the common good”. General Kolomiets pointed up at the news conference, “Many Ukrainian officers are willing to side with the Republic, but they hesitate to do so because of fears for themselves and their families. Besides, it’s not so easy for some to let go of the idea of the ‘Ukraine'”.

  • VV MVDU: Internal Troops of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs… military units under the MVDU used for internal security, counter-insurgency, and site defence

22 June 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


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