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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

23 June 2014. A Lie and the Truth… Jerusalem Post Issues Egregious Story on Novorossiya… Doesn’t Tell You that the DNR Foreign Minister is A I Kofman, A PRACTISING JEW

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Here’s the truth… the Jerusalem Post LIED… at Langley’s behest, no doubt


A song from Donetsk’s favourite son… and he’s ALWAYS welcome… you can believe the images or you can believe Anglo lies. It’s up to you.


Read this. I’d classify this as a lie any which way you can cut it. The DNR Minister of Foreign Affairs is A I Kofman, a practising Jew (Aleksandr Igorovich is also First Deputy Chairman of the Peoples Soviet of the Union of Peoples Republics of Novorossiya). I need say no more. Shame on you, Vladimir Golstein… you showed your ignorance to the whole world. I D Kobzon, another prominent Jew, is always welcome in Donetsk (and in Lugansk too). Hell, if anyone is a down n’ dirty Donetsk homie, its Iosif Davydovich! Mr Golstein conveniently forgets that too. Golstein is a so-called “liberal” (I’d say the American, not the European sort)… it shows in his postings. The Jerusalem Post article only proves that the Israeli English-language media is nothing but an extension of the Langley dezinformatsiya machine. I believe that Vladimir Golstein is lying, too… the question is “WHY”.

The truth WILL set you free. The American media is doing its best to see you in chains. Do think on that…

Orthodox people… Potapov, Paffhausen, Dreher, Whiteford, Serge Schmemann, Sofia Kishkovskaya, Lyonyo Kishkovsky, and Freddie M-G all enthusiastically take part in the Anglo campaign of lies against the Rodina (mostly for filthy lucre or a seat at the high table). It tells you much about their character.



“Last Place Is No Place for America”: REAL Family Values

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When my Republican colleagues talk about “family values”, what they usually mean is opposition to a woman’s right to choose, opposition to contraception, opposition to gay rights, and support for abstinence-only education. Let me give a somewhat different perspective on family values. When a mother has a baby and is unable to spend time with that child during the first weeks and months of his or her life, that isn’t a family value. When a wife is diagnosed with cancer and a husband can’t get time off work to take care of her, that isn’t a family value. When a mother is forced to send her sick child to school because she can’t afford to stay home with her, that isn’t a family value. When a husband, wife, and kids, during the course of an entire year, are unable to spend any time together on vacation, that isn’t a family value.

The Republican agenda for families is really an attack on everything that a family is supposed to stand for

When it comes to basic workplace protections and family benefits, workers in every other major industrialised country in the world get a better deal than do workers in the USA. That should be an embarrassment to anyone who wants to talk seriously about family values in this country. I’m running for president because I’d stand for real family values. It isn’t enough, though, to simply oppose the Republican agenda. That’s why I’m proud to tell you what I think is a true agenda for family values.

Every worker in America should be guaranteed at least 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave. That’s a family value. It is insane that low wage workers in McDonald’s who get sick are forced to work because they can’t afford to miss work. Workers in this country must have paid sick time so they don’t get co-workers or customers sick on the job. That’s a family value. Every person who works for a living must have at least 10 days of paid vacation. Making sure families can afford to take some time off, without having to worry about going broke… that’s a family value. Let’s be clear… in terms of protecting the needs of our families, in many respects, the USA lags behind virtually every major country on earth.

Last place is no place for America 

It’s time to join the rest of the industrialised world by showing the people of this country that we’re not just a nation that talks about family values… but that we’re a nation that’s prepared to live up to these ideals by making sure that workers in this country have access to paid family leave, paid sick time, and paid vacations.

00 bernie sanders portrait. 230615Bernie Sanders

US Senator (I-VT)

23 June 2015

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23 June 2015. If Any Man Thirst

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23 June 2015. Translated Russian Demot… Novorossiya… Defending Our Homes!

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