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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

23 June 2015. I Bow Before the Families of the Terakt in Charleston

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Most terrorism in the USA is homegrown… indeed, most of it is Anglo “Evangelical” in nature… it isn’t black… it isn’t Latino… it isn’t Muslim… it’s White Anglo Proddies, for the most part. However, now isn’t the time to blow the trumpet and beat the drum for the muster to fight the plug-uglies (for fight them we must). Senator Pinckney’s burial will be on Friday… that means that all contention must cease until next Monday, as custom demands.

I bow before the Mystery of Death. Next time that you’re at services, light a candle for the victims of the terakt and their families. Ask your priest to say a private prayer for them (he can’t serve Pannikhida nor can he mention them in the Proskomidi, but he can mention them in his private prayers). We’re Christians, that’s what we do.


From the Russian Web… Even Dogs Have More Humanity than the Ukrofascist Reptiles Do…

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This dog rescued a kitten from a burning house. When its owners took it off its chain, the dog ran back into the house to save this kitten. You say the friendship between a dog and a cat is impossible? No!  However, friendship with Ukrops is impossible, they’re worse than dogs or any other earthly creatures!


The above is a direct translation of the Russian. I seem to think that the Anglo American project to inflict Galician Uniate Consciousness on the “Ukraine” has failed. If anything, it’s immunised the people against it! I fear that the Ukrofascists sowed hatred… they’ll reap revenge… I fear, against innocents. The guiltless will suffer for the guilty… the Ukrops will come to Bound Brook and Toronto… they’ll be feted as heroes by the Galician diaspora leadership. Don’t hate or take it out on ordinary “Ukrainians”… they have no say in this enormity.


No Comment Necessary Department… Some Good (Orthodox) Sense on Mania About the Antichrist

Antichrist and his deceits. 07.12


One day Elder Porphyrios told me, “Fr Athanasios (taking me by the hand tightly), I’m blind now, my eyes don’t work physically because I have cancer of the pituitary gland, but I have spiritual eyes and see. Before you leave, I want you to tell me, what did Elder Aemilianos say about 666 and the Antichrist?” This was in the days of Chernobyl. This upset people and they went by the dozens every day, particularly to Elder Porphyrios near Athens, asking, “What’ll happen? Will the Antichrist come and stamp us with 666?” The Elder asked me, “My child, tell me what Elder Aemilianos said about 666 and the Antichrist?” I told him, “He told us in a gathering a few days ago to not worry. We should be interested in having a vibrant relationship with Christ and not give so much attention to the Antichrist, because then he’d become the centre of our lives and not Christ.

For us Christians, when we experience Christ there’s no Antichrist… when we have Christ inside us, can the Antichrist come? Can anything opposite this enter our souls? My child, for this reason, today, we don’t have Christ within us; because of this, we worry about the Antichrist. When Christ is within us, everything becomes Paradise. My child, Christ is everything, and we shouldn’t fear the Opposer; you should always tell people this.

You should tell the people not to fear the Antichrist. We’re children of Christ; we’re children of the Church”.

21 June 2015

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