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Friday, 26 June 2015

Pastor Accused of Fondling Man in Boardman OH Restaurant

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The pastor of a Youngstown OH church faces charges of fondling an 18-year-old man in the restroom of a Boardman restaurant. Court officials tell 21 News that 73-year-old James Callozzo of Nativity of Christ Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate in the USA) faces a 28 July pretrial hearing on a charge of sexual imposition. On Tuesday, cops booked Callozzo into jail following his appearance in county court in Boardman OH. The alleged victim told county sheriff’s investigators that a man followed him into the bathroom of the restaurant on 15 May and asked him if he could see his private area. The Boardman 18-year-old said that he forced the man away from him after he reached in front of him an fondled his genitals. The alleged victim took a picture of the suspect when he returned to his table and gave the picture to detectives. Authorities took the report in May, but they didn’t issue a warrant for Callozzo’s arrest until last week. 21 News attempted to contact Nativity of Christ Orthodox Church on Miller Street.  They didn’t answer our calls.

23 June 2015

NBC WFMJ 21 (Youngstown OH USA)



I checked the parish website, someone removed Callozo’s name and all references to him (but there were still images of him up in the “Photos” section, one wonders for how long, given what they did in re his name… smells like a “memory hole”)… there’s no mention of this, either. Here’s an interesting aside… there was all sorts of konvertsy rubbish pushed on the website, including a talk by Damascene Christiansen (apologist for Gleb Podmoshensky and well-known fawning hagiographer of Seraphim Rose). It looks like another case of sexual impropriety strikes a clergyman tied in with the Platina gang. It does make one wonder about that lot, doesn’t it?



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