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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Animal Funnies… For a Man to Understand REJECTION

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00 rejected by a cat. 270615



28 June 2015. “Motorola”: HERO OF NOVOROSSIYA

00 motorola. hero of novorossiya. 280615


28 June 2015… There Be Some INTERESTING Buzz Out There… Is Maymon Trying to Pull a Kangaroo Court Against Fr John Bohush?

00 a whisper in the loggia. 08.12


Got this from an informant:

On 6 July, Fr John Bohush is having a spiritual court case… represented and judged by Bishop Mark, who’s appointing his own people… I guess he wants to discipline Fr John and use him as an example before the Sobor.

This seemed interesting, so I put out some feelers. Got good buzz in return. I’ll not say that this is certain, but I will say that a lot of folks are buzzing about this. To me, it says that Maymon’s taking stupid pills big-time. The Bohush clan is related to EVERYBODY in the OCA. They’ve got relatives, friends, allies, and confederates all over the place. Maymon has no real cause for action… there’s no discernible reason for this at all. He’s showing world-class incompetence and stupidity. If he had brains, he’d give Fr John the release to Moscow and let that be the end of it. Maymon is part of that goofy semi-heretic crew around Paffso… remember, he defied Philip Saliba’s direct orders. Now, he’s persecuting an innocent priest with real connections and clout. Trust me, even Sarah Palin is smarter than that!

Here’s what you do… make a WRITTEN complaint to the OCA SOBs (that’s Synod Of Bishops)… SIGN IT… send it certified mail. They get enough of those, they’ll see to it that Maymon swings for such an act of idiocy. Don’t expostulate on the internet… WRITE OR CALL OR E-MAIL THE BISHOPS. Maymon thinks that he can just tromp all over people… it’s time to show him that he can’t do that.

We have time to stop this before it happens… shall we? That’s up to YOU.


28 June 2015. Signs of the Times in the Lvovshchina… The Writing on the Graffiti on the Walls of Lvov… Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin, po-Galitsianskomu…

00 lvov ukraine graffiti 01. 280615

Junta + USA = Death. RUIN!


00 lvov ukraine graffiti 02. 280615

The Ukie media is for goofs!


00 lvov ukraine graffiti 03. 280615

Please note! Пидор is one of the WORST words in the Russian “mat” vocabulary, it’s the Russian equivalent of “motherfucker” or “faggot”.  Literally (with no intent of either anti-Semitism or anti-gay hatred on my part), the above graffito reads, “[We’re] ruled by killers and Yid thieves! Faggots!”


I need add nothing. This is in Lvov… the heart and epicentre of “Ukrainian” nationalism. Sic transit gloria mundi…


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