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Monday, 29 June 2015

29 June 2015. My Take on the Shitty Situation in the Western Ukraine as Expressed to a Friend

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Please note! Пидор is one of the WORST words in the Russian “mat” vocabulary, it’s the Russian equivalent of “motherfucker” or “faggot”.  Literally (with no intent of either anti-Semitism or anti-gay hatred on my part), the above graffito reads, “[We’re] ruled by killers and Yid thieves! Faggots!”


The graffiti nails it… Rabbit and Choco Loco are in the shitter… that’s why the American/Canadian troops are in the Western Ukraine… the junta is finding it hard to hold the area, and it needs help to occupy it. Remember, the local homies HELPED the Sovs secure the area, as the UPA was a pack of murderin’ criminals. Their spots haven’t changed (that is, the locals still don’t like murderin’ bastards). In short, the Lvovshchina may rise, too… the draft evasion rates are HIGHER than they are in Kharkov (a friend of mine in Kiev says so). It’s a royal clusterfuck all around and the ordinary people suffer. That’s why I hate Chilly Hilly and Zbig… they’re the evil geniuses behind this.


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