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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

DNR Authorities Prepare to Prevent Ecological Disaster near Khartsyzsk from Possible Dam Collapse

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Today, DNR legislators and administrators met at a roundtable to discuss measures to prevent an environmental disaster due to the collapse of a dam near ​​Khartsyzsk. The roundtable attracted figures from the DNR Peoples Soviet, DNR MChS, DNR Ministry of Transport, officials from Khartsyzsk and Zuevka, Voda Donbassa (Donbass Water), DNR Head Directorate of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, DonNASA (concrete fabricators), as well as the DNR Head Directorate of Ecology and Natural Resources. DNR Peoples Soviet Deputy Yekaterina Pavlenko (faction Free Donbass), Secretary of the Committee on Social and Housing Policy, told reporters, “We discussed with various experts the possible environmental threats in Khartsyzsk and what measures we could take to prevent such a disaster occurring. We expect to write out a major proposal, with the economic justification for it, and create an inter-ministerial parliamentary commission, to deal with such issues in the future. There are many dams, so we need to consolidate responsibility for such facilities into the hands of the relevant authorities. After today’s meeting, we have to solve this problem; we don’t have time… we need to decide now, as the dam won’t survive the winter. According to preliminary data, about 10,000 people could suffer from the any catastrophe just in the DNR alone, as a collapse of the dam would bring destruction all along the river”.

Maksim Agarkov, DNR Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations, said, “A collapse would place about ten of our communities downriver from the dam at risk. Moreover, the disaster could spread to the Russian Federation. There’s a risk of secondary pollution… a flood would inundate cemeteries, burial grounds, industrial sites, and more. In addition, in the area of the dam, there are places where concentrations of copper in the soil exceed the normal by 700 times. In case of failure of the two dams, the rate of water-flow in the river would reach three to five kilometres (@2 to 3 miles) per hour and wave height could exceed 25 metres (82 miles)”.

According to the preliminary conclusions of experts from DonNASA, the iron gate of the dam needs immediate replacement. However, to get the data necessary to order the proper materials, tools, and parts for the repair of the dam (or its new construction), we must carry out a full review, involving relevant experts. According to the DNR Peoples Soviet Committee on Social and Housing Policy, the dam on the Nizhnyaya Krynka River near Zuevka dates from 1937; it had a planned service life of 50 years. Since then, there have been no major repairs to the structure.

30 June 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



“There have been no major repairs to the structure”… that means that the Catholic University in Lvov stole money from needed infrastructure repairs. That means that the bandura-strummers stole the money that they used to promote their Uniate nationalism from needed repairs in the Orthodox Donbass. Over 23 years, from 1991 to 2014, Uniate nationalists stole from the productive people of the Orthodox Donbass. Much of the Lvovshchina is a poor and ignorant backwater, the Somalia of the Ukraine. To promote their racism and hatred, the Uniate nationalists stole from the hardworking people of the Orthodox regions.

That’s why they want to invade and rape Novorossiya… they think that they can continue to steal to keep their nationalist enterprise afloat. That’s over. In the Ukrainian successor state, a modus vivendi existed… the Russian Orthodox east controlled the economy, whilst the Galician (semi-Polonised) Uniate west lorded it over culture. That’s dead… it’s dead for good. The Munchkin Coroner has sung his song over the Ukraine. Now, it’s only a matter of time.

It’ll take some time to put right the Uniate neglect, but it’ll be done… more quickly than the West supposes, too (for the country’s riches will no longer be stolen by Uniate freebooter nationalists and their Western sugar daddies).


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