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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Unknown Perps Set Booby Trap Under Electric Locomotive in Sverdlovsk Raion of the LNR

00 russian locomotive. 010715


Today, the LNR MChS stated that unknown parties planted an IED* that exploded under an electric locomotive on the Darevka-Valyanovsky line in Sverdlovsk Raion of the LNR, “The incident occurred at 23.05 on the Darevka-Valyanovsky line at the 101-Kilometre 78 Picket marker when an electric locomotive passed over a booby-trapped stretch of track. There was no structural damage to the locomotive, no one was hurt, there was a small fire, but it was extinguished, and there was no derailment”. LNR MChS personnel are at the incident scene.

  • IED: Improvised Explosive Device, the bubbas call them “hillbilly mines”, just like they call the improvised armour on Hummvees “hillbilly armour”

1 July 2015

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