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Saturday, 4 July 2015

4 July 2015. There’ll Always Be a Russia… And Russia Will be Free!

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The Battle on the Ice


Russians are prepared to defend the Motherland… to defend Holy Rus… that INCLUDES the Ukraine. No foreign aggressor after the Mongols has ever taken down Rus… the bombastic Anglo brats had best mind that. Russians don’t want war… but if the Anglo brats do come, they’ll leave their bones on the steppe, like every other aggressor that’s attempted to rape Holy Rus. “All those who march on Russia with a sword in hand, by that sword shall they die”.

As it was… as it is… as it ever shall be…



4 July 2015. Wisdom from the Animals… Tenderness

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This image is simply titled… “Tenderness”… let’s leave it at that. Animals aren’t “beastly” in the least. We have three cats, and the other two always let the eldest cat have first nibs at the food. No… animals aren’t human… but they’re not ciphers either. “Let everything that breathes praise the Lord”… that means that we pray with the animals. Think on that…


Two Senior GAI Ukrainy Officers Rally to the DNR

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Two senior GAI* Ukrainy officers rallied to the DNR and gave a news conference in Donetsk.  Lieutenant Colonel Vitaly Balbekov said, “Our superiors lied to us; they told us that if we left Donetsk, it’d only be for two weeks. We were in Mariupol. Two weeks turned into a month, which turned into a year. In time, we realised that we’d been had, so, we decided to come back to our hometown, where we were born, grew up, and lived all our lives, where our relatives and friends live. I served as head of the Donetsk Oblast Division of Traffic and Road Conditions of the UGAI* GU MVDU*.

  • GAI: traffic police
  • UGAI: Directorate of the traffic police
  • GU MVDU: Head Directorate of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs

Major Aleksei Kobzar, former Senior Inspector of the Donetsk Oblast Division of Traffic and Road Conditions of the UGAI GU MVDU,said, “We acted like everything was normal. We were only able to get to the DNR by dressing in our civvies, and when we reached a friendly checkpoint, we asked to hook up with the DNR MVD”. Balbekov said, “Your motherland is your motherland. Everywhere else, we’re strangers, but our home is here”. Kobzar pointed up, “Before leaving, we officially filed our resignations. We wrote a report. We left together, in Vitaly’s private car”. Our correspondent asked if there were any problems in getting away, Kobzar replied, “We didn’t wait for any OK from our higher-ups. We just left it there for them and took off”.


The two GAI Ukrainy officers who rallied to the DNR, Colonel Vitaly Balbekov and Major Aleksei Kobzar, want to continue their service in the police of the Republic. Balbekov said at a news conference in Donetsk, “We came back with one purpose in mind, to continue to serve our people, our city. I’ve already contacted a friend at the DNR MVD. We asked to see the higher-ups about it; I hope that things can go forward. At least, they promised to do something about it”.


Corruption in the Ukrainian judicial system remains unchanged according to GAI Ukrainy Lieutenant Colonel Vitaly Balbekov, “We served a year in the territory controlled by the Kiev authorities, corruption and bribery there hasn’t changed. Our pay remained stagnant, despite the fact that Ukrainian authorities have promised to increase them significantly. Since our transfer to occupied Mariupol, the Kiev authorities didn’t provide MVDU personnel with any provisions or anything else. They didn’t give us anything. Let me give a simple example. We had to repair official vehicles at our own expense. We had to refuel them at our own expense. We had to provide our own supplies at our own expense. We had to pay for our living accommodations at our own expense”.

3 July 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency




4 July 2015. Video. Victory Day Performance on Red Square with Fireworks at End

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This is 95 minutes well-spent. It’s NOT a concert… it’s performance art, and of very high quality too. It starts out with the Nochhye Volki MC guys doing bike ballet on Red Square (with A S Zaldostonov in the lead). The first “name” performer to appear is V S Lanovoi… he kept the faith with the Party, even in the bad years. Presidents Putin and Xi were present… that was a message to the demented arrogant Anglo toddlers, no doubt.

Orthodox people… watch this… you can stand with V S Lanovoi, or you can stand with Victor Potapov. You can stand with Presidents Putin and Xi, or you can stand with Paffhausen and Dreher. You can ease on down the road with Aleksandr the Surgeon and the Night Wolves, or you can stand with blustering phonies like Reardon and Jacobses. You can stand with decent healthy people or you can stand with those who cheer on greedy grasping filth (in the hope that some of the crumbs might fall their way). It IS up to you… choose wisely…

DO NOT TOUCH OUR HISTORY… It’s ALL ours or NONE of it is ours. Do read Potapov’s unhinged rants in that spirit…


Watch it in HD 1080… awesome!

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