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Sunday, 5 July 2015

5 July 2015. How Low the Mighty Have Fallen… Nikolai Soraich’s “Cathedral” in Lost Wages

00 all saints russian orthodox mission. las vegas nv usa. 040715


This is Nikolai Soraich’s “cathedral” in Las Vegas NV… that’s why nobody should bother about him. Metropolitan Ilarion Kapral has him neutralised where he can do no more harm. That’s good enough for me. Rather cheesy end, no? We all know what happened to his pal Brittain, don’t we? I don’t think that Nikolai has anything to do with that… but it does tell you much about a particular “set”, doesn’t it (all their shouts of “purity” notwithstanding… they all were part of Podmo’s lot, after all… that accused perv priest in Ohio was part of that clique, dontcha know)? The sooner that Metropolitan Ilarion exiles Fatso to a similar fate, the better… he could send him to Louisiana to rusticate with Dreher. It’d be appropriate… shitbirds of a feather do flock together. However, a friend of mine observed:

Fatso isn’t interested in being tied down to any parish. My bet is on him conning people out of money to start a monastery, name himself abbot, appoint a deputy abbot, and travel the world making speeches.

That’s why Metropolitan Ilarion has to watch this greasy junk-bond salesman. He’d embarrass the Church to no end and make an unholy spectacle of himself… but his goofy fans would eat it up. I’d put my money on Vladyki Ilarion… he did deal with that group of rebellious dippy nuns in Maryland right smartly, didn’t he? Fatso would find himself outclassed, both in “weight class” and in “class” (Metropolitan Ilarion is “class” whilst Fatso is “crass”). I think that he’ll end like Soraich… trust me, the ROCOR SOBs won’t put up with gnarly stuff (neither will the Centre).

Sometimes, there IS justice in this world…


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