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Sunday, 5 July 2015

5 July 2015. The Mountain Gives the EU the “Moutza”… Tells Greece to Give “Austerity” the “Bird”

00 athos says no to austerity. 050715


For them not “in the know”, the moutza is the pits of Hellenic insult. Ask any Greek! There’s nothing worse that you can do… especially, if it’s a “double moutza”… it’s FAR worse than the “bird” is. Let’s not be coy… the Mountain stands with Comrade Tsipras! They’re not giving in to American pressure. The Church and the Left stand together… just as they do in Russia. Real Christians think “socialism is good”… if you think otherwise, I’d think either that you don’t know what Our Lord Christ taught and did, or you’re trying to reconcile Radical Teabag notions with Christ (an impossibility).

The Mountain is against “austerity”… Comrade Tsipras is against “austerity”. Comrade Tsipras promised the Church that he wouldn’t muck about with the Church’s inner life. He means what he says. The Mountain believes him… they mean what they say, too. No decent person, Christian, secularist, any kind of believer, whatever, believes in “austerity”… the Republicans and Corporatist Democrats do. What does that tell you about Ted Cruz and Chilly Hilly? I’d say that bankster greed stinks of Antichrist and his deceits… look at how it fools so many “Christians”…

Stand with the Mountain! God will bless you for it…


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