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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

8 July 2015. Translated Serbian Demot… It’s Time to STAND UP for Orthodox Serbia! Death to the Croat and Bosniak Murderers!

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It’s not difficult… we stand up for the Orthosphere. Orthodox people! Look at those amongst us who became filthy traitors… who sold themselves to the Western Establishment for filthy lucre and/or “position”… Victor Potapov, Alexander Webster, Vassa Larina, Lyonyo & daughter, S A Schmemann, Rod Dreher, Terrence Mattingly, Freddie M-G… all are part of the Anglo hate machine in one capacity or another. You should take ANY of their statements with scepticism… they’re all paid “pressitutes” in one capacity or another. Potapov hates Stalin because it pays him to… he’s (or was) an employee of a known CIA front… would expect any other from such a low paid Quisling?


That’s the long and the short of it…



Why Bernie Will Win Ordinary Folks…

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This is for my friend Gabe…

Every year, a very solemn Holy Day of Extreme Obligation occurs in the Northeast Kingdom (a particular locality, not the whole state) of the State of Vermont. The entire male population girds up its loins, pulls on its hiking boots and cammies, and shoulders their rifles…


Oh, did I tell you that Bernie has NO problemo with this? Did you know that Bernie carried the Northeast Kingdom because he gave a shit and went up there to listen to folks? All the “experts” told him that it was “futile”… Bernie didn’t listen to them, he listened to the ordinary folks… fancy that. That’s why Bernie could snag every single deer-huntin’, Bud-drinkin’, Jesus-lovin’ bubba in Hazzard County America. You see, ordinary folks have more good sense than the “experts” give them credit for. That’s why Bernie may well be our Prez in 2017… by a tsunami (it’d too big for a “landslide”)!

The New York Times, CNN, NPR, The American Conservative, the Wall Street Journal, and National Review be damned! Since when have any of the named media outlets ever given a shit about ordinary people? You KNOW what to do.



DNR and LNR Jointly Want the UN Security Council to Set Up Tribunal to Investigate Junta War Crimes in Novorossiya

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At a joint briefing with DNR Chairman of the Government A V Zakharchenko, LNR Chairman of the Government I V Plotnitsky stated that the DNR and the LNR want the UN Security Council to establish an international tribunal to investigate war crimes committed by the junta aggressors in Novorossiya, saying, “The DNR and LNR ask the UN Security Council to establish an international tribunal to prosecute those responsible for violations of international humanitarian law and crimes against humanity in the Ukraine, to open criminal prosecution against the Ukrainian aggressors for their war crimes in the Donbass”. Zakharchenko noted, “It’s senseless to expect that Kiev would hold an objective investigation of their own war crimes. For instance, the so-called Tornado Battalion killed more than a dozen civilians [in a single incident]. In our opinion, an international body should investigate and expose the facts”. Plotnitsky added, “We call on the UN Secretary General, the permanent members of the Security Council… the USA, France, Britain, China, and Russia… to immediately discuss the formation of such a tribunal at their next meeting and prepare an appropriate resolution. We’ll give an official international tribunal all of our knowledge, evidence, and other information about war crimes committed by Ukrainian security forces in the Donbass to help an objective investigation, to bring the perpetrators to justice”.

8 July 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


8 July 2015. As Seen by Vitaly Podvitsky… Country-That-Can-Not-be-Named

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. Country-That-Can-Not-be-Named. 2015


Deputies in the Verkhovnaya Rada proposed to ban use of the word “Russia” and “Rus” to refer to the country known as the Russian Federation. Writing or uttering these words would be an infringement of Ukrainian sovereignty, with appropriate criminal penalties. A bill to this effect is before the Rada. An appendix to the bill stated, “Numerous historical sources indicate that one can apply the name ‘Russia’ or ‘Rus’ only to the territory of the modern Ukrainian state, and that one shouldn’t use this term for the official name of the aggressor country”. In general, ‘Russia’ means the Ukraine, and Russia has to choose another name, otherwise … 12 years in a Ukrainian (sorry, “Russian”) prison. “Russian President V V Putin” on Ukrainian TV will now sound like this… “President-of-That-Country-That-Can-Not-be-Named…” (Where’s Alice when we need her? This is just the craziest…)

7 July 2015

Masterskaya Karikatura



I’ve seen gnarly shit from Galician Uniates before… but this is simply unhinged and not in touch with reality. As their project goes down, they get goofier and goofier. To think that Victor Potapov and Vassa Larina support them! The first does so to curry favour with his CIA bosses and Republican pals, the second does so to brown-nose her papist paymasters and her Jesuit puppeteer. Well, the Uniates are doing everything wrong… first, they blatantly kiss the asses of the Anglo Americans and of the Pope of Rome. Secondly, they’re targeting civilian areas in Russian region without demur. Thirdly, they’re inviting POLACKS into the region. People can kinda forgive first, for that’s the way the Uniates are, but the second is unforgivable, and the third is a direct slap in the face to every Orthodox patriot who remembers what the Poles did the last time around (they’re the ones who imposed the Unia, after all).

I’ve said this before… I’ll say it again… STAY AWAY from “Ukrainian Orthodox” and “Ukrainian Catholics”… they’re going to get worse before they get better. Don’t argue with them… it’s not prudent nor overly bright. They’re kissing the Pope’s ass and the ass of the Anglo Americans, and that’s not going to change. Keep of trouble and stay focused…


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