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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Why Bernie Will Win Ordinary Folks…

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This is for my friend Gabe…

Every year, a very solemn Holy Day of Extreme Obligation occurs in the Northeast Kingdom (a particular locality, not the whole state) of the State of Vermont. The entire male population girds up its loins, pulls on its hiking boots and cammies, and shoulders their rifles…


Oh, did I tell you that Bernie has NO problemo with this? Did you know that Bernie carried the Northeast Kingdom because he gave a shit and went up there to listen to folks? All the “experts” told him that it was “futile”… Bernie didn’t listen to them, he listened to the ordinary folks… fancy that. That’s why Bernie could snag every single deer-huntin’, Bud-drinkin’, Jesus-lovin’ bubba in Hazzard County America. You see, ordinary folks have more good sense than the “experts” give them credit for. That’s why Bernie may well be our Prez in 2017… by a tsunami (it’d too big for a “landslide”)!

The New York Times, CNN, NPR, The American Conservative, the Wall Street Journal, and National Review be damned! Since when have any of the named media outlets ever given a shit about ordinary people? You KNOW what to do.



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