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Saturday, 11 July 2015

11 July 2015. Shooting in Mukačevo Involving Right Sector… Got Confused Reports from Locals

00 Right Sector. 31.08.14


Read this. When I say it’s “confused” in Mukačevo, I don’t mean that anyone disputes that shooting took place. It did. There are conflicting reports on who fired first and who took part. Everyone agrees that Right Sector Galician Uniate fanatics  were part of the incident. I’ve heard that local po-nashemu Rusins opened fire first, to gun down bullying Galician nationalists who were terrorising local old people and women. Other reports say that the Right Sector creepo-supremos opened fire on Magyars, and the Hunkies fired back, and the local cops came to the aid of the Hunkies, not the Galician interlopers. A third report has it that local Jews got tired of Galician Uniate nationalist racketeering and whacked some Right Sector goons in retaliation (in this version, the cops came to help the local Jews). In short, there’s no agreement on any detail save for the fact that a violent incident did take place in Mukačevo. Therefore, take all details with a bit of reserve, but do note that SOMETHING took place… something not to the favour of the Right Sector. It’s going to get more “interesting” before the fanciful “Ukrainian” state draws its last breath…

I might add that I got my intel from three sources… a local gal from Mukačevo (a schoolteacher, Rusin)… an Old School Steel Mill Hunkie in Pittsburgh (from the South Side)… a Modern Orthodox Jew from Borough Park in Brooklyn (with family ties to the region)… none of them know each other… note well that the sources agree on the violence, but not the details. In fact, all three versions may contain pieces of the truth. Stay tuned…


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