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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Basurin sez DNR Intel Spotted Junta Heavy Weapons in Four Locations

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Today, Colonel E А Basurin, Deputy Defence Minister, stated that DNR intel discovered heavy weapons deployed in junta-occupied regions, saying, “We found two BM-21 12.2-cm/40 Grad MLRS and three 12.2-cm D-30 howitzers near Lastochkino, we observed eight 9K57 BM-27 22-cm/16 Uragan MLRSs moving southeast near Novogrodovka; near Maryinka we spotted two BM-21 Grad MLRSs; and in Volodarskoe we identified two BM-21 Grad MLRSs. Thus, the Ukrainian side continues to move artillery and heavy weapons up to the line of contact, violating the Minsk Agreement; they don’t stop shelling civilian towns and our troop positions using weapons and mortars exceeding 10-cm in calibre*“.

11 July 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


  • The Minsk Accords prohibit the use of heavy weapons exceeding 10-cm in calibre… however, remember that the Uniate nationalists are protégés of the Anglo Americans who believe that “winning is the only thing” and who believe that lies are OK as long as you win (Anglos are amoral scumbags who passed out disease-ridden blankets to American Indians and who justified torture at secret foreign sites using legalistic legerdemain).

Basurin sez that Junta Aggressors of “Kievskaya Rus” Battalion Fired 80 Grad Rockets on the Donetsk Outskirts

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If this is correct, it looks as though Basurin got a promotion… he used to have the two stars of a lieutenant colonel on his pogoni*, now, he has the three stars of a full hardcore colonel. If so, congrats, Eduard Aleksandrovich!


Today, Colonel E А Basurin, DNR Deputy Defence Minister, told journalists that junta militants fired 80 Grad rockets at the Donetsk outskirts, saying, “The most intense artillery and mortar bombardment was at Spartak, the Donetsk airport, and Kievsky Raion in Donetsk. They used heavy weapons of over 10-cm calibre, which the Minsk Agreements prohibit. This time, they mainly used the BM-21 Grad MLRS, firing 80 rounds. The firing came from the positions of the 11 Separate Mechanised Infantry Battalion ‘Kievskaya Rus’ commanded by Aleksei Savich, which is under Minoborony Ukrainy control, deployed in Avdeyevka and Opytnoe. On a regular basis, Savich gives orders to his unit to kill our civilians, this Ukrainian nationalist lacks all conscience and honour”.

  • pogoni: rank shoulder straps, ranks shown by combinations of stripes and stars

11 July 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


11 July 205. A Blast from the Past… “Podkarpatská Rus” from the 1930s

00 I am Rusin! 24.05.14

For all my Rusin friends out there…



This reminds all of us Old School “Hunkies”, “Russkies”, “Polacks”, and “Ukies” of the ethnic radio shows that were on every Sunday. This is what you heard after you got home from Church… hey, there’s more than one closet Happy Louie fan out there (c’mon, admit it… gowan… you’re amongst friends)…


DNR Minoborony Reported 35 Junta Ceasefire Violations

00 dnr. donetsk pr. 01. 21.05.15


Today, the DNR Minoborony reported, “Over the past 24 hours, the enemy committed 35 ceasefire violations, including using heavy weapons. The enemy fired 137 artillery shells, 48 tank shells, and 142 8.2-cm/12-cm mortar shells; in addition, they used ATGMs, RPGs, and small arms. The most intense artillery and mortar bombardment was at Spartak in Yasinovataya Raion and near the Donetsk airport. They also fired at Donetsk (Kievsky and Kuibyshev Raions), Gorlovka (Gagarin Mine), Styla, Staromihailovka, Kalinovka, Zheleznaya Balka, Shirokino, Dzerzhinsk, and Ozeryanovka. Currently, we continue to clarify data on civilian and military casualties”.

11 July 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


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