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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Poles Replace Vandalised Monument to Victims of Banderist Terrorism in the VOV

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“Memorial to the Poles Brutally Killed by Banderist Scumbags. Remember”.


In Poland, [locals] replaced the nameplate on a monument to the victims of the UPA. It reads, “Memorial to the Poles brutally killed by Banderist scumbags. Remember”. A real “war against Polish monuments” is unfolding in the Western Ukraine… it’s true, the destruction continues of even the most minor of memorials and graves that have any relation to the activities of the UPA. The website Kresy.pl reported that no one in Poland can investigate incidents involving destruction of monuments to the UPA’s victims, because the authorities claim that no one complains to the police. At present, police recorded two cases of monument vandalism, in Radruzh and Verkhatei. Police spokesman Marian Sokhan said, “At the moment, there isn’t any formal request for an investigation, no one claims responsibility for these monuments”. Meanwhile, at the site of one of the vandalised monuments to Poles killed by UPA Banderists, [locals] replaced the plaque [on the monument].

11 July 2015

The Russian Federation



This is what Victor Potapov supports with his rant against the Soviet legacy (he IS a paid minion of the CIA, after all). This is what Vassa Larina supports with her indifferentist schmoozing with Uniates (she IS a paid minion of the papists, after all). This is what Odd Rod Dreher supports with his unhinged rightwing rants in The American Conservative (do remember that its paid circulation is only 8,000). Destroying the past is commonplace amongst the Anglos and those who suck up to them… that’s demonic… I’m not alone in thinking that way. After all, they believe in “letting go and moving on”… that is, letting the guilty escape the consequences of their crimes (if they’re “important” enough and/or have enough money, that is) and telling the victims to go to hell. Great folks, aren’t they… they’re the sugar daddies of the Galician Uniate nationalists… fancy that…



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