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Sunday, 12 July 2015

12 July 2015. Signs of the Times…BE A MENSCH!

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In Russian, муж and человек are NOT synonyms. The first is any old common-garden variety male… any man will do ya, if you will. The second can only be expressed properly with the German/Yiddish mensch, “human being” (exemplar thereof). It’s praise… it fits both men and women… we can all be “human beings” in that sense… indeed, we’re all called to that, if you but thought a moment on it. Good advice, this sign… a real “sign of the times”…


Update 13.07.15

A friend sent me this:

I think that you meant “мужчина,” not “муж” which means “husband”. Otherwise, I liked the “mensch” analogy which is pretty much on the mark.

Well, dog my cat… I explained it “wrong” but got it “right”… what a world we live in! Kudos to my friend… I encourage this sort of thing… it keeps me on my toes…



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