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Monday, 13 July 2015

13 July 2015. Translated Russian Demot… The Russian Army Has a Secret Weapon

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The last time that the USA faced peer opponents was in the Korean War, where the Soviet VVS* and Chinese People’s Volunteers beat the Anglo bastards to a standstill. Today, it’s been sixty-two years since the USA was in a “fair fight”. The Anglos have gotten complacent and “fat n’ sassy”. They’re using “on the cheap” weapons like attack drones, armed Hummers, and Stryker “APCs”… all of which are worthless in a real stand-up fight with a real foe. No American soldier has withstood a real artillery barrage for YEARS. It’s one thing to fight small-unit guerilla wars… it’s quite another to fight battles involving multiple divisions, helicopter regiments, and air divisions.

America had best pull back from the precipice. If any Anglo had the brass to step one millimetre over the Russian border… as D K Kiselyov put it, “Russia has the capability of turning the American heartland into a burnt-out radioactive cinder”. Note well that the USA put Dmitri Konstantinovich on the sanctions list… for simply speaking the truth. The Anglos are irresponsible hubristic children led by incompetent warmongers (McCain or Chilly Hilly… Biden or Cruz… what’s the bloody difference?).

Russia is ready to fight… it has the means to do so… America’s sole advantage, naval superiority, is worthless against a continental foe. May God have mercy on us and spare us Armageddon… yes, kids, I’m NOT joking…

  • VVS: literally, “Military Air Force”, one of the Soviet air forces


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