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Monday, 13 July 2015

13 July 2015. A Look Over the Fence… The Heart Sutra

00 Yuri Biryukov. Silence and meditation. Sikkim, India. The Heart Sutra. 12.07.15


Ani Choying Drolma sings the Heart Sūtra


Ani Choying Drolma sings the Great Compassion Mantra


Buddhism is one of the Big Three Traditional Religions in Russia (the other two are Orthodox Christianity and Islam). Judaism and the Evangelical Church (Lutherans, NOT non-Christian American Radical Sectarians) are minor traditional religions, with real Russian Protestants (not American Sectarian wannabes) being acceptable too. Buddhists make up about 1 percent of the Russian population (1.5 million), with about a third of these actively practising to some extent or other. Buddhist friends tell me that the Heart Sūtra is the most popular sūtra amongst believers, more popular than Om mani padme om (“The jewel is in the lotus”) is. I know next-to-nothing about Buddhist theology, so, I can’t comment on that. However, this is part of Russia, too. It’s all ours or none of it’s ours… simple as that…



Fr John Bohush Still Under the Gun… Maymon Refuses to Let Go… is It Time to Kick Out This Clueless Konvertsy Asshat?

00 this is wrong. 050715


Fr John Bohush’s spiritual court trial is on hold until after the Atlanta OCA Sobor. His counsel insisted that Mollard and Jillions act as witnesses. For now, they’ve closed the parish. Fr John’s granddaughter refused to get blessing from Maymon at meeting at St T’s summer camp… she’s a director. What can you do? Flood the SOBs with e-mails, kids… don’t discuss it on the internet. Tell them that you want this OVER. The best result in this is if it dies a silent death. No publicity… no fuss… no trial. Then, the SOBs should depose Maymon for having started a false proceeding against an innocent priest. Remember, Maymon is an insubordinate and disobedient asshat like Reardon… Maymon refused a direct order from the late Philip Saliba, then, Fatso picked him up, to the general glee of the konvertsy. None of Fatso’s associates is worth a good goddamn… Moriak was a shitty bishop (keep the heat on the SOBs until they remove him as pastor)… Maymon’s a shitty bishop… Eliel would be a shitty bishop. No one with ties to Platina is any damned good… experience has taught us that. After all, any idiot who wants to kick around the Bohush clan isn’t very bright…

Let Fr John have his canonical release. Drop the spiritual court. Depose Maymon for starting this lunatic kerfuffle. Remove Eliel (Brum, too… he has too many ties to Manton) from consideration as a bishop. That’s what would solve this…


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