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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

14 July 2015. Is it Lawful to Give Tribute unto Caesar, or Not?

00 Yevgeni Petrunin. Dawn on Russky Island. Primorsky Krai. tribute. 150715


There’s been much kerfuffle amongst the konvertsy about the so-called “gay marriage” issue. I think that the bishops should step in and STOP THE DISCUSSION NOW (and their obsession with the Jenner Affair). It isn’t building up the Church nor is it helping anyone’s salvation. This is the same set of asshats that beat the tollhouses to death thirty years ago and the ROCOR SOBs had to say… “Stop! There’s not much revealed on this and this discussion isn’t helping the Church. We order it to cease”. I wish that they’d do the same thing today. It’d do wonders for my old bones (and for many others, too) to see people like Dreher, Reardon, Elijah Borek, and Jesse Dominick shut up. The Church stated its position recently, the best expression being that of the ROCOR Diocese of Eastern America. There’s truly nothing further of use to say. I think that it’s time for the bishops to sit on all idiots who want to keep this pseudo-issue alive. The Church isn’t going to “do” gay marriages, that’s that, and there’s nothing further to say. Perhaps, the loud asshats could try doing good works… I’ve heard that they help one win salvation… which pointless discussion on the internet does not.

Them’s my two cents…



14 July 2015. Pope Francisco and Patriarch Kirill AGREE on Crapitalism… Eat Shit and Die, Sir Roddie…

00 Free Market Trickle Down Economics at Work. 15.05.13


00 pope francisco on money. 140715


00 others in need. 140715

This is why no Catholic or Orthodox Christian can, in good conscience, vote for Republican greedster warmongers. They spit on the seamless garment… being “anti-abortion” does NOT cancel that out. Pro-Life is so MUCH more than abortion…


Need I say more? Fight the soulless amoral warmonger Republican pigs that are trying to hijack the Church… His Holiness would bless you for it (and so would the Pope of Rome)… not only do these ignorant religious hobbyists advocate a raptor social order made in Hell itself, they hate the Rodina and support its sworn enemies. I’m passing out the AKs, RPGs, and axe handles out back. The Good Lord LOVES Happy Warriors…


14 July 2015. Translated Russian Political Cartoon… We Didn’t Even Dare to Dream About This Earlier!

00 Aleksei Merinov. We didn’t even dare to dream about this earlier! 01. 140715


This is a Russian view of the Banderovtsy… who’re quite willing to sell out their country to the Anglo Americans. You see, they want to be the “little bosses” for the Anglos… just as they wanted to do the same for the Nazis. Don’t forget the Galician SS volunteers and the Trawniki-Männer… they murdered for Western interests in the past, so, it’s no stretch to see them doing it again, no?


14 July 2015. Translated Russian Demot… WE REMEMBER!

00 E A Korneyev. we remember! Victory Parade


The above, of course, is a scene from the Victory Parade of 24 June 1945. The Anglos should reflect on that and stop all their childish and hubristical boasting. Russia beat Nazi Germany… it CAN beat Neoliberal Oligarchic America.

All those who march on Russia shall be put to death…


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