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Friday, 17 July 2015

Zakharchenko sez that DNR is Ready to Render All Necessary Assistance to Identify Perps Behind MH17 Crash

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“Donbass has 4,906 dead, the Boeing 777 had 298 dead, which gives us 5,204 dead total”.


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“Stop shooting, Kiev!”


00 mh17 memorial 04. dnr. donetsk pr. 170715

“You killed us then and you continue to kill us”


00 mh17 memorial 05. dnr. donetsk pr. 170715


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At the beginning of a secular memorial for the victims of the MH17 crash victims, DNR Chairman of the Government A V Zakharchenko stated, “From the very first, the DNR pledged to give all possible assistance to the investigation to identify who committed this heinous crime. Now, we’re ready to give all necessary assistance to anyone who still seeks the truth, to punish the Ukrainian authorities who ordered such destruction. I’d like to express my most sincere condolences to the relatives, friends, and relatives of those killed on this airliner a year ago. Any death is a tragedy, but that’s especially true when it involves innocents. I want to tell the relatives of the victims… if you want to come here to pay tribute to the memory of your loved ones, we promise to provide all security measures and greet you as our most honoured guests. The monument that we place today is a tribute to all those who died in the skies over our beautiful land”. Following his statements, Aleksandr Vladimirovich led those present in a moment of silence in respect to those who died in the crash.

Malaysian Airlines MH17, enroute from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, crashed on 17 July 2014 near Ugledar in the DNR. All 298 aboard the airliner died in the incident. Immediately, the DNR authorities offered to provide all possible assistance for search and rescue efforts and investigative forensics teams from the Netherlands and Malaysia. Nevertheless Kiev and the West, not even waiting for the first results of the investigation, quickly blamed the affair on the Peoples Republics and the Russian Federation.

17 July 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



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