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Sunday, 19 July 2015

19 July 2015. Some Russian Good Sense

02l Harvest in Byelorussia


Спасибо тем людям, которые вошли в мою жизнь и сделали её прекрасной. И ещё, спасибо тем людям, которые вышли из неё, и сделали её ещё лучше.

Thanks to those people that came into my life and made it beautiful. Also, thanks to the people that made my life even better by getting out of it.

Need I add more?


19 July 2015. A Thought from St Ignaty Bryanchaninov

00 little russian girl. 190715


Don’t blather to me about Seraphim Rose, the “tollhouses”, gay marriage, the “Episcopalianisation of the Church” (I kid you not, one konvert was fatuous enough to write that), “persecution”, and how we have to become “exiles in our country”. I’d observe that the loud sorts making such rants generally don’t know “A cat sat on a mat” as far as Christian life goes. You can follow St Ignaty or you can follow the asshats… it’s up to you. Choose wisely…


That Old-Time VOV Spirit Still Lives in Russia

00 Vladimir Serov. We Beat Them, Beat Them, We'll Beat Them Again! 1941

We Beat Them, Beat Them, and We WILL Beat Them Again!

Vladimir Serov



The more that the Anglo American Establishment blusters and threatens, the more Russians simply grow more ready to resist the hubristical Anglo pigs. The USA boasts… it sent 100 obsolescent Hummers to the fascist junta… what a threat to Russia! I’ll simply say this, when the mobilisation orders go out, Russians will come to the colours, just as they did in 1242… just as they did in 1380… just as they did in 1612… just as they did in 1914 and 1941. America will find out what all invaders of Holy Rus have found out… All those who march on us with sword in hand, by that sword shall they die! St Aleksandr Nevsky said that nearly 800 years ago… it’s still true today.

Just sayin’… oh, one last thing… 17 July was the 775th anniversary of St Aleksandr Nevsky’s victory over the Swedes on the Neva (that’s why he’s called “Nevsky”, kids). Ask yourself a question, “Where was ‘exceptional’ and ‘indispensable’ America?” Yes… where was it? Hmm…


Fr Dmitri Sidor’s Page Disappeared Off Facebook

00 Fr Dmitri Sidor. 08.04.14


A friend wrote me:

I was looking on Facebook for Fr Dmitri Sidor’s page, where he often posts, but it seems to have disappeared. This is exactly as I expected. Do you have any ways of finding out what’s happening in Užgorod?

I replied:

We’re all equally in the dark. My friends tell me that Galician Uniate thugs roam the streets and no one’s safe. One told me that Fr Dmitri’s been taken to Kiev.


However, it does mean that rumour has replaced news, and we know what that means. Some of my friends have already fled… to Poland… to Hungary… to Russia. The devil walks proudly in Kiev and Victoria Nuland is his slobbering and obsequious lackey. I fear that many more will die before this ends, and that we haven’t seen the beginning of the real bloodletting yet.

Yes… I fear that the real Holocaust is yet to come. Anglo Americans such as Chilly Hilly, John McCain, Joe Biden, and Ted Cruz have no scruples or morality… their Galician Uniate/Schismo nationalist fanatic running dogs have even less (they do shell hospitals and orphanages, after all).

The Black Mass is served in Kiev… S Yu Shevchuk and F A Denisenko concelebrate and drink from a blood-filled chalice. Ponder that…


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