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Monday, 20 July 2015

20 July 2015. Trump’s Comment… Where Does It REALLY Come From?

00 I told you not to do it! 30.05.15


I wrote this as a comment:

What Trump did is below the salt. McCain served honourably… no hero (his own recklessness led to his shootdown, by all accounts), but he served honourably, which is more than Trump did. McCain suffered real wounds and did serve time as a POW… again, underlining his patriotism (no matter if you like him or not). Let’s look beyond this to the underlying cause of Trump’s outburst… the contempt amongst the Affluent Effluent for military service. Look at them… how many served? Romney didn’t… Scalia didn’t… Walker didn’t… O’Reilly didn’t… the list goes on. That’s the real problem… we’re paying for Nixon going to a mercenary army after the Vietnam War. That’s why wars go on “forever”… the kids of America are exempt from service, except for the kids of the poor who sign up to escape poverty.


I stand by all the above. We no longer have a “citizenry-in-arms”, a “people’s army”… it’s a mercenary force raised from the most marginal elements of our society. If there were to be large-scale losses in a very short timeframe, the forces would be hard-set… it takes at least a year to train new units from scratch, you just can’t will them into existence. In short, far from being a hyperpower, the USA is a dodgy regional power (in land and air terms it’s iffy, but it IS the preeminent seapower, but that wouldn’t count in a land war fought on the World Island) that’d be in very severe straits if its land forces suffered even Korean War-level casualties in a short time. The politicians make asinine statements as they have no insight into the current forces, as their sons do NOT serve, largely. If the USA were to face-off against Russia, well, that’d put paid to their mercenary army! If the fighting went much beyond six weeks, the USA would be knackered and beat. Think on that. The USA has fought no war against a peer power since the Korean War… where the PRC and the USSR gave a VERY good account against the American forces.

It’s time to bring the legions home… either that or Ragnarök. That’s the choice. Here’s the scary part… both the Republican Party and the Interventionist Dems such as Chilly Hilly would prefer thermonuclear self-immolation to “defeat”. Do ponder that well…



20 July 2015. USA Trumpets “Multi-National” Exercise in the Ukraine… TWO BATTALIONS STRONG… What a JOKE!

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. Nope, New targets! 2014


Well, it’s smoke n’ mirrors time, kiddies… read this. If you needed proof that the Anglos live in Cloud Cuckoo Land, well, this is that. Let’s not linger on this one. 1,800 troops is roughly TWO BATTALIONS, not even a full brigade. In short, this is derisable. If the Russian forces were to enter the Lvovshchina, it’d take ten minutes to eliminate this Lilliputian task force… the only thing that they could do was to prove that they could die bravely. What’s more, it isn’t a proper unit, it’s a contingent made up of penny-packets from this-or-that state, that’s to say it’s militarily worthless as a fighting unit. This shows you the state of mind of the Anglo American Establishment… scary, ain’t it? All the articles that they write in Foreign Policy or the New York Times are without worth as they don’t reflect the reality in the field… I fear that the Anglos are in for a VERY rude awakening.


20 July 2015. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This…

00 Bloody Pyotr. P A Poroshenko. 01.07.14


Right now, the Runet (Russian internet) is full of buzz about a coup in the Ukraine tomorrow. Firstly, get a grip! If there was going to be a real coup, the plotters wouldn’t be yakking about it on the internet! There are scads of asshat rumours being presented as fact… these people seriously need to get a life! Yes, Porky’s not very secure (in fact, these rumours underscore that fact), but no real plotters are going to shoot their mouths off about it on the web, of all places. Yes, Porky is a modern-day Ngô Đình Diệm, but that doesn’t mean that an internet coup is going to topple him. If Langley wanted him dead, there are dozens of ways to do it, and none of them involve the Web, thank you very much. In fact, lately there’s been conflicting intel on some affairs, so, I’ve stepped back and let the situations “ripen”… trust me, you’d do well to do likewise. As for the promised “coup” tomorrow… well, I think it more probable that the Marx Brothers will rise from the dead and Lenin will walk about his tomb (scaring the living shits out of all concerned, starting with the baba who cleans the interior daily).

Pass me the jug, the world is being its cranky and irascible self, no?


DNR Withdrawal of Heavy Equipment from Contact Line Continues

00 dnr donetsk pr armed forces 01. 200715


Our correspondent on the scene reported that our forces are currently withdrawing tanks and AFVs from Zaitsevo, on the northern outskirts of Gorlovka. A DNR Minoborony spokesman stated, “Two tanks and six BMPs are currently moving to alternate positions in the rear of the city. This withdrawal is of units from the DNR 3 Separate Motorised Rifle Brigade”. OSCE and STsKK (ceasefire monitoring organ) monitors observed the withdrawal from this location.


Today, Colonel E А Basurin, DNR Deputy Defence Minister, said, “We’ve already planned [to withdraw] more than 50 percent of our equipment. However, this is a long process, there are points on which have yet to detach [units], we’ll look at the situation. We’re sending lists of the withdrawn equipment to the OSCE observation mission”.


Our correspondent on the scene reported that junta forces opened fire on our positions in Gorlovka as our AFVs moved out. They fired on our positions near Zaitsevo, northwest of Nikitovsky Raion of Gorlovka just as our forces left the area. A DNR Minoborony spokesman said, “This was fire from snipers and automatic grenade launchers. The enemy positions are two kilometres away from the place of withdrawal of our AFVs”.


Our correspondent on the scene reported that our forces began to withdraw AFVs from Styla (Starobeshevo Raion). Four BMPs redeployed to positions in the rear. OSCE and STsKK (ceasefire monitoring organ) monitors observed the withdrawal from this location.


Today, Colonel E A Basurin, DNR Deputy Defence Minister, said, “Just today, we withdrew five tanks and 77 MICVs 3 kilometres from the Contact Line. This equipment was at various locations along the Contact Line”. Yesterday, Basurin stated at a briefing that our forces withdrew 41 tanks and 84 MICVs from the Contact Line, thus, our forces withdrew 46 tanks and 161 MICVs so far.


Today, Colonel E A Basurin, DNR Deputy Defence Minister, said at a briefing in Donetsk, “We plan to complete our withdrawal of equipment from the Contact Line tomorrow”. As reported earlier, junta forces shelled our positions near Zaitsevo, on the northwest outskirts of Gorlovka, immediately after our AFVs withdrew.


Today, Colonel E A Basurin, DNR Deputy Defence Minister, said at a briefing in Donetsk that the DNR Minoborony doesn’t understand the reasoning of the OSCE when it said that the mission couldn’t confirm the withdrawal of our AFVs. In comments received by us, he stated, “The question arises, why then did the members of the [OSCE] mission visit our positions on those days? To enjoy the beauty of the movement of AFVs on rough terrain?”

Today, Alexander Hug, the deputy head of the OSCE mission, told RIA Novosti, “The OSCE yesterday didn’t witness a withdrawal, the mission observed a movement of tanks and other heavy equipment from the DNR and the LNR. This is important because we don’t know where these weapons went”.

According Basurin, “The DNR and LNR are interested in a reciprocal withdrawal from the Contact Line by the Ukrainian side of its AFVs, just as the international mediators are. However, to say, ‘We see a withdrawal of equipment by the DNR and LNR from the Contact Line, but we can’t confirm this’ sounds a bit strange. To confirm the withdrawal, they simply had to observe a lack of equipment in a band three kilometres from the Contact Line. This is what the leadership of the two republics declared, and we resolutely carried out that decision in the presence of OSCE observers. I’d like to see similar scrupulosity in their reports of events, as they seem divorced from reality, doing nothing at all for demilitarisation of Contact Line.”

20 July 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency








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