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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

21 July 2015. Classic Clusterfuck in the Works at Atlanta Sobor If the Buzz Be Correct (And I Wouldn’t Put My Money Against It, See?)

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It looks like Maymon is calling for a special diocesan meeting Tuesday (today) at 19.00 at the Atlanta OCA Sobor. The buzz has it that Bohush and his parish are suing him and diocese. Rumour is Mark went to the SOBs for help, but they told him to deal with it alone. That sends a big-time signal that he caused the mess, so he has to handle it. The good word has it that the diocese has to hire lawyers. In short, Maymon got an Old School Pravoslavny Shuffle (Metropolitans Leonty and Afanassy were experts at that, that’s why everybody respected ‘em). “Oh, I can’t do anything about that! It’s not my responsibility under Church Tradition and accepted Church practise! You have to talk to the people involved. The Synod, of course, has no official reaction or opinion on the matter”.

Maymon is in the deep kimchi. Mistrust all those liked by California Fats… that means that the OCA shouldn’t elevate either Eliel or Brum to the episcopate. They’re simply Maymons and Moriaks in training. Damn… I was getting to LIKE the lack of news in the OCA… that meant that no gnarly shit was going on… well, it’s time to fight back, kids. Which side are you on? Are you for Fr John and the right or are you for the konvertsy and their crackbrained delusions? It’s up to you… do choose wisely…


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