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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

21 July 2015. “Coup, Coup, What Happened to the Promised Coup?” Right Sector Uniate Nationalists Gather on Maidan… Bellow Forth Bootless Threats and Rants

00 right sector pigs on the Maidan. 210715


Well, the promised “coup” didn’t happen. Porky’s still capo di tutti capi of the junta. Yarosh came out and made windy threats… but Porky’s still in the driver’s seat. Reflect on this… a lot of the jabronies you see in the image deserted their units at the front to come and take part in this bootless affair. Great military discipline, huh? I certainly wouldn’t want any of these cowards at my back, no siree! They’re the sorts who can brutalise old folks and beat up kids, but when real-deal soldiers show up, they take to their heels.

This looks more like a funeral gathering than a pep rally… here’s the sad part for us… when the junta goes down the shitter, these snarky snakes will skedaddle off to Chicago and Edmonton, where the “Ukrainian Catholics” and “Ukrainian Orthodox” will treat them like heroes. The Motherland will be rid of them, but they’ll fuck up diaspora relations for the next generation or two. Bound Brook will hold banquets in their honour… just like the SS bunch that came after the VOV, these asshats will bring their hate and resentment with them… do have a care with such sorts. They’re violent… so, have as little as you can with certain groups, that way you won’t mistake the innocent for the guilty (and hurt someone who had nothing to do with it all) or vice versa (in which case, they’d hurt you, and have no scruples about it, either).

The times are evil… take EXTREME care… do NOT involve yourself in disputes with self-identified “Ukrainians”, it’s not worth it, and the result could be nasty. Let them be…



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