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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

21 July 2015. Get With the Programme! The Mother Church Declared the First Sunday of September “Respect God’s Creation Sunday”… Hey, What About Us?!?

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The Mother Church laid aside the first Sunday of September to honour God’s creation and to raise awareness of environmental concerns. I’d say that a good way to “English” this intention is “Respect God’s Creation Sunday”. Let’s follow the Russian Church’s good example (click here for the patriarchia.ru post on it)… let all OCA, ROCOR, and MP parishes CELEBRATE this day! Let’s plant trees! Let’s lay out gardens for the next spring! Let’s gather stuff for compost… that’s great for gardens (shovel in a load or two of horseshit, too, and let me tell you, your plants will grow up to heaven next summer!)… let’s clean up our parish property and sidewalks (and do so for older folks who live nearby, too)! Last of all, the first Sunday of September falls on a late summer weekend… hold a parish weenie roast! The fast is over on 28 August… so, you can fire up the grill and put some burgers, dogs, and corn in the husks on the fire.

It’s time for us to get our priorities straight and stop the goofball rightwing stuff. Let’s follow the Mother Church in this… HH thinks it a grand idea… that’s good enough for me. Get your mind right and get with the programme!


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