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Thursday, 23 July 2015

33rd Humanitarian Aid Convoy Arrives in the DNR… The Road of Life Keeps Rollin’ On… KEEP ON TRUCKIN’

00 33rd MChS Humanitarian Convoy 01. 230715


00 33rd MChS Humanitarian Convoy 02. 230715

“From Russian miners to Donbass miners”


00 33rd MChS Humanitarian Convoy 03. 230715


The 33rd RF MChS humanitarian aid convoy arrived in the DNR today. It’s just like the VOV, isn’t it? Russia is never greater than when its back is to the wall…

As it was… as it is… as it ever shall be…



23 July 2015. Someone Has to Say This… The Chicanery of “Pro-Life” Activists Has to END



00 isaac asimov quote. 230715


00 reject deceptive propaganda. 230715

This cartoon’s basis is in misleading deceptively edited videos issued by extremist “Pro-Lifers”… no conscious Orthodox Christian should have anything to do with the so-called “Pro-Life Movement”… be truly Pro-Life, YES… to support an arm of the warmongering anti-people Republican Party, NO.


Someone has to say it. I’ll stand up and take the heat. The US Pro-Life Movement is a set of lying scumbags with no morals, no scruples, and no grounding in the truth. NO Orthodox Christian should ally themselves, their parish, or any other Orthodox organisation with this set of Republican poseurs. NO… we are NOT allowed to fib as “Church”. We are NOT allowed to use dirty and deceptive means… for that dirties and bespatters the end in view. We do NOT shoot abortion providers… we do NOT shout nasty words at Planned Parenthood staff… we do NOT block public sidewalks to indulge narcissistic self-aggrandisement. Most of all, we don’t stand for lies in the name of the Truth. The videos that undergird the present media frenzy upon are deceptively edited and chopped apart by anti-abortion pro-war pro-death penalty Republican crazies. The Church has NOTHING in common with such extremist nutters. Help unwed mothers… YES! Disseminate conscious lies… NO, A THOUSAND TIMES, NO.

I know this will open me to all kinds of abuse from the usual cast of rightwing crazies in Church circles. So be it. Fuck the lot of you. I stand with the Truth, which means rejecting Falsehood, especially, Falsehood that purports to do “Good”. Woe to those who call good “evil” and evil “good”. I need say nothing more. I stand behind everything that I just wrote.

May God see and judge…


Expert sez Yarosh Boast about a New Revolution in the Ukraine is a Sham

00 kiev right sector demonstration. 230715


Today, political scientist Kirill Cherkashin (Kandidat in Political Science) told us, “Yarosh‘s statement about a new revolution in the Ukraine is doubtful. Anything coming from the Right Sector is a sham. They don’t have enough strength to topple Poroshenko’s government. All of this blathering about a ‘new Maidan’ and a referendum are merely attempts to draw attention to themselves. The US government will support Poroshenko, not Yarosh. Firstly, Yarosh is a rather detestable figure… he’s a neo-Nazi. Secondly, the radicals in his movement are very difficult to control. Now, that’s perfectly clear [to everyone]. This faction won’t become an influential force in the Ukraine; in the near future, they’ll try to push them to the side, but they’ll try to use the Right Sector. At present, [the radicals] aren’t a serious threat to the current structure in Kiev; they can easily handle them. The actions taking place between the extremists and the Kiev authorities might lead to a formal reconciliation, but in fact, the Right Sector would lose its current positions. However, they can’t do it immediately, because it has enough supporters. It may not come to that, though… they don’t need a split amongst themselves”.

Yesterday, D A Yarosh, the leader of the extremist Right Sector, said that a new phase of the Ukrainian Revolution was about to begin… one that’d free the country from “domestic occupation” by overthrowing the government and holding a referendum to express “no confidence” in Poroshenko’s government.

23 July 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


23 July 2015. A Thought from St Luka Voino-Yasenetsky

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