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Sunday, 26 July 2015

26 July 2015. Much Smoke… NO FIRE… Loudmouth Asshats Firing Up the Web Again



I got this from a friend:

There’s a lot of chatter. I’m appalled at some OCAers who support breaking ties with the ROCOR.

The only thing that I know and can publicise is that trusted sources gave me the intel about Mark writing a vicious letter to Ilarion Kapral. That’s all that’s public right now. I have further intel that my sources told me to sit on for the moment. My deduction is that Mark Maymon is going down, and he’s pulling out all the stops in an attempt to avert it.

How did this start? It started because Mark Maymon had a vendetta against Fr John Bohush. If you remember, the only thing that Fr John did was to ask for a canonical release to go to the MP. THAT’S ALL. Most bishops would’ve granted the request, that would’ve ended it, and no one would’ve heard of it or been troubled by it. Mark Maymon is a pathologically disobedient man. Do remember how he spat on Philip Saliba! To think the OCA SOBs let Fatso bring this disreputable dilettante into the Church.

Instead, Maymon tried to institute a kangaroo court “Spiritual Court” against Fr John on 6 July. That failed… the Bohush clan has beaucoup connections, clout, and marriage alliances. That shows you how STUPID Maymon is. If he had half a brain in his skull, he’d realise that there wasn’t any good in this particular briar patch, and he’d stay out of it.

My advice to all grounded Orthodox is not to argue with the demented toddler konvertsy (especially not with ignoranuses like Dreher)… there’s more coming out on this (I have intel on some of Maymon’s further actions that I can’t post until I get the say-so from my sources). Do write your bishop (not Maymon, of course)… write Mollard… pester asshats such as Jillions, Tosi, and Lyonyo. Make their lives miserable until they act. Now, that’d do some good. However, DO NOT argue with konvertsy slime on the web. They won’t listen to reason and they’re all hyperclericalist clergy-worshipping assholes anyway… do note how they try to cover up for perv clergy. Remember Fatso and Brittain? You can’t deny that Brittain got the drop for kiddie porn. Remember how they all defended Storheim? Well, he just got out of the slam and they’re claiming that he has “no restrictions”… that’s a lie… Canada has a sex offenders registry, and people tell me that he’ll be on it as a convicted perv.

Let this develop. Such things don’t happen instantaneously. In the meantime, keep the pressure up on the bishops and on the OCA apparat. It’s the only language that they understand.



26 July 2015. A Demot: None DARE Care It Repression

00 kabul then and now 01. 220715


I saw some demots using the above comparison images on the web… they convinced me that I could do better. However, instead of criticising the original posters, I decided to buckle down and do the work to create something of higher quality… I’m of the Little RED Hen school, after all. Besides, some people have good ideas, but their computer skills suck (or, more likely, their PhotoShop skills suck)… that’s by no means a personal failing. As I say, you can buckle down and produce a “good work” or you can issue ad hominem criticisms like Dreher and Whiteford do. I prefer the former… it’s a positive contribution to the common dialogue. As far as the latter’s concerned… the less said of it, the better.

Look at the images… the Soviets protected women’s rights in Afghanistan… the Anglo Americans (and their Islamist pals) trampled all over them. Now… WHO is the “Evil Empire?” Not so simple, is it?


26 July 2015. As Seen by Vitaly Podvitsky. To Russian Navy Day!

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. To Russian Navy Day! 2015



The Navy… as Tsar Aleksandr Aleksandrovich put it, “One of our faithful companions”. Today is its day. Our respect to all who serve afloat now, those who served at sea in the past, and to those involved in helping our great fleet in any way! Today, you can be proud, and we’re proud of you!

A Salute to the seas and oceans

A Salute to our navy’s sailors

The sea’s mysterious fogs

And long-awaited shores

Always meets the sea

The sun’s bright rays are upon you

You will set the mountains right

The rocks will be on your shoulders!


To your holiday, Navy friends!

26 July 2015

Masterskaya Karikatura


DNR Minoborony gave Sardonic Reaction to Junta Allegations of “Detaining Russian Military” in the Donbass

00 crisis 02. ukrainian soldiers. 02.03.14


Today, the DNR Minoborony reported that the junta’s security organs once again alleged that there was a supposed Russian military presence in the Donbass; junta border guards claimed that they detained a KamAZ truck filled with arms bound for the front. Earlier, the Ukrainian State Border Service claimed, “At about 22.00 on 25 July, border guards at the Beryozovoe control point detained a KamAZ truck packed full of ammunition”. The report alleged that the vehicle, which came to the post from Yelenovka held DNR soldiers and a Russian major. The DNR Minoborony drily replied, “Once again, the SBU tries to float accusations of a Russian military presence in the Donbass. This time, they claimed that they detained a KamAZ full of weapons. They have no real evidence of a real detention, nothing but hearsay and crazy photos supposedly taken by the Ukrainian special services… they had no actual ammunition boxes to show anyone. How did they identify the so-called Major? Did he have a DNR identity card? The very presence of a Russian military officer accompanying a cargo of ammunition from the contact line is rather odd”.

26 July 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


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