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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Imported Actors (NOT Severodonetsk Residents) Put on Show of Support for Poroshenko

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Note that one of the men is wearing a Galician-style shirt, not the Russian-style shirt more common in the Donbass and Novorossiya… proof that the crowd were imported Galician Uniate nationalist lackeys


War correspondent and lawyer Andrei Moiseyenko told us that imported actors (NOT Severodonetsk locals) took part in a 22 July meeting with junta strongman Poroshenko to avoid “embarrassing” questions. He said, “There wasn’t a single real inhabitant of Severodonetsk at the rally. Of course, the current city officials have to attend such events. Indeed, if local residents had been at the rally, Poroshenko would’ve unable to avoid uncomfortable questions. To avert this, they him brought in actors. This is reliable information, because units of the ‘National Guard’ (sic) and Poroshenko’s personal security surrounded the area, they cordoned off a stadium and a hospital in the next block, not a single Severodonetsk local was there”.

According Moiseyenko, everything that happened in the central square of the town was “contrived playacting”, whose purpose was to show that the people are loyal to and dedicated to the junta, which doesn’t reflect the actual reality. A photograph circulated on the Internet confirmed this; it showed alleged supporters of Poroshenko kneeling before him. Moiseyenko stated, “For our local people to kneel before anybody… why, that’s disgraceful and shameful… it’s nothing but humiliation. This proved that these weren’t real Donbass homies… we just don’t do things like that”.

Earlier, Ukrainian media said that Poroshenko’s visit on 22 July in Severodonetsk was for the installation of Georgi Tuki as the newly appointed head of the so-called “Lugansk Oblast Military and Civil Administration”. This affair had unprecedented security measures. According to journalists covering the visit, they hadn’t seen the like under Kuchma or Yushchenko, nor even with Poroshenko up to this point. Firstly, at the affair, security began checking documents even before one reached the House of Culture of Chemists, the venue for the installation. Secondly, in the July heat, there was a queue for the first metal detector, which was out on the street. Then, under the same hot sun, we had to withstand another queue on the steps of the House of Culture, since there was a second metal detector. Reporters also noted that the format of the meeting didn’t allow feedback. Therefore, after a brief rally, Poroshenko attended the dedication of the monument to a ‘National Guard’ (sic) brigade commander (sic) {these aren’t real officers… they’re fanatic Galician Uniate nationalist thugs without proper military training: editor}, killed a year ago at Lisichansk, then, Poroshenko left the town by helicopter.


Andrei Moiseyenko is from Severodonetsk, now under junta occupation. He graduated from the Lugansk College of Internal Affairs. From 2001, he served in the police, ending with the rank of Major. Then, he became a lawyer, where he worked for two years. Since the beginning of hostilities, he’s been with the LNR forces, being a war correspondent attached to frontline units.

28 July 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



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