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Friday, 31 July 2015

31 July 2015. A Thought from Fr Vsevolod… On Our “Little Brothers”… and a Chat on Real Authorities

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People shouldn’t listen to windy poseurs like Rod Dreher, Josiah Trenham, Patrick Reardon, Elijah Borek, or John Whiteford… they should listen to solid authorities such as Fr V A Chaplin and Professor A I Osipov. For instance, both Fr Vsevolod and Professor Osipov make it clear that artificial contraception is acceptable. They both correctly point up that the choice is between abortion and the “pill”… if that’s the choice, the Church allows the use of the “pill”. Have a care with all self-appointed “diaspora gurus”… most lack the creds to be speaking on any issue (some even lack Orthodox seminary!). That is, if you lack a kandidatura from an Orthodox institution, don’t set yourself up as an authority (Fr Vsevolod has a kandidatura from the MDA and Professor Osipov has a Doktora Nauka (an even more rigorous degree) from the SPDA). I’m certainly not that… but I can point you to those who are authoritative and point up who’s not such. Don’t listen to unqualified diaspora asshats!

One last thing… when Fr Vsevolod (or any other Russian, for that matter) uses the word “liberal”, they mean it in the European sense of the word. That is, European liberalism is the same as American “conservatism”. Conservative in European discourse means a commitment to Tradition, Hierarchy, History, “blood-and-soil” Patriotism, and Authority… NO American “conservative” fits the definition, American “conservatives” are really a species of Liberal, indeed, they’re Radical Liberals of the very worst sort (European conservatives consider American “conservatives” lying opportunists with no roots and no commitment to Tradition). THERE ARE NO CONSERVATIVES IN THE USA. Comrade Zyuganov is more conservative than any of the posturing American “conservatives” (no European conservative would have anything to do with vacuous filth like Sarah Palin, Wet Willie Romney, Donald Trump, or Rand Paul). Ergo, virtually all the knovertsy misread Russian sources as they’re so ignorant that they don’t realise that Russian political discourse has different definitions for terms than those used in the USA. When Fr Vsevolod attacks liberalism, he’s attacking what we call “conservatism” in the USA. Be careful with many sources (Whiteford’s the most egregious, as his lack of background knowledge skews all of his conclusions)… don’t argue with fools, but don’t attend to them either and don’t spread their rubbish…



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