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Monday, 3 August 2015

3 August 2015. Read n’ Heed Time… Vox Pop on Charity and Compassion…

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I got this from a friend…

So many people think about being charitable around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year, but there are opportunities this time of year, too. The supplies list that schools require now has gotten long. Due to budget cuts, many basics that the school supplied when I was in school decades ago (paper, pencils, etc.) aren’t supplied at all. Teachers often buy many things out-of-pocket. Do some online searching or asking around… are any organisations giving out school supplies in your area? If you can’t find anything, contact your local grammar school. I bet they’d be delighted to get donations of supplies. Maybe, you could even make it into a parish charity project. If you personally know a family in need, send them a gift card (even anonymously) to help with their children’s back to school expenses. If the family is a member of your parish, ask your priest to serve as the go-between for any donations. Kids are often cruel to have-nots, and even something as simple as having store-brand crayons instead of the name-brand ones can lead to kids being ridiculed and teased. I saw notebooks and folders going for five for a dollar at the big box stores this weekend. Even if someone only has a couple of dollars to spare, every little bit helps, and the sales make your dollars stretch further. Just a thought.

Hear, hear. Bear this in mind… school budgets are in the fix that they’re in because the Republican greedster asshats want to fight wars perpetually… that means that everything else sucks hind tit. The Church SUPPORTS education and social justice… it OPPOSES warmongering, the death penalty, greed, and Me First Crapitalism. Don’t vote for godless Republican nihilists. As for charity and compassion, I’ve heard from reputable sources that it’s contagious… try it, you might like it. You can stand for Justice or you can stand for Greed. Greed (NOT homosexuality… NOT abortion) is the root of all evil. Since the Republicans embody “Greed is Good”, that does give you a hint about what to do. Think on this… BERNIE is the candidate most in step with the Mind of the Church overall… fancy that…



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