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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

DNR Minoborony Reported 45 Junta Ceasefire Violations

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Today, the DNR Minoborony reported, “Over the past 24 hours, the enemy committed 45 ceasefire violations, the situation is heating up. The enemy fired 216 artillery shells, 41 tank shells, and 171 8.2-cm/12-cm mortar shells; in addition, they used ATGMs, RPGs, and small arms. The most intense fire was around Gorlovka; near Golmovsky, the aggressors fired over 130 rounds from heavy weapons. The enemy also fired at Donetsk (Kuibyshev and Petrovsky Raions, Aleksandrovka Selo, Otyabrsky Mine, and Donetsk Airport), Kalinovka, Belaya Kamenka, Zaitsevo, Novo Laspa, Styla and Spartak. The shelling killed one of our soldiers and wounded another”.

4 August 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



Wife of DNR Soldier Goes to ECHR in Strasbourg to Prevent Her Deportation from Finland to Banderstan… The West Shows Its Unrequited Evil, Yet Again

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Tatyana Imatova, the wife of a DNR soldier, told our correspondent over the phone that she was going to challenge her deportation from Finland at the European Court of Human Rights, saying, “Together with my representative Johan Backman, we’ve prepared a petition to the European Court of Human Rights. We hope that the court will side with me and my seven-year-old son”. Almost a year ago, fleeing the war, Imatova and her son left Donetsk, moving to Helsinki, where her parents lived a long time, for they’re natives of Finland. The Finnish authorities refused her and her child refugee status. Despite Imatova’s pleas that she faced threats from Right Sector thugs, the Supreme Administrative Court approved a deportation order against Imatova and her. They want to send her to Kiev, because the court alleged, “There is no armed conflict in the Donbass”, and it further alleged that the junta doesn’t persecute dissidents, including DNR supporters.

4 August 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



All can see the hand of the Anglo pigs in this. The woman is from DONETSK, ergo, any legal deportation order would deport her to her home via the Russian Federation. This proves the evil of the American authorities for the entire world to see. The Uniate nationalists are nasty sorts at best… I know this from personal experience… I have felt and suffered their hate. They WOULD kill this woman and steal the child to raise it as a hate-filled Uniate. I have to walk away from this one… its sheer unrelieved evil.


4 August 2015. Fatso Up to His Old Tricks… It’s Time for Ilarion Kapral to Send this Unrepentant POS to the Mountain for Good

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I got this from an informant:

[Paffhausen] is a “bad piece of work”. I don’t know what the guy is planning, but he does seem to have some “operatives” around him. For your information… the word is that a nun showed up at a certain monastery (to remain nameless), her stated mission was to visit as many monasteries as possible to determine what meeting facilities they had. Turns out she WAS one of the infamous “DC Nuns”, but no longer, she’s now obedient to, and under, Fatso. Not clear what this is all about, but he does seem to have people working for him.

Where is Fatso getting the cash? What connection does the CIA pig Potapov have to do with this? After what he did in the OCA, Fatso looks ready to stab Ilarion Kapral in the back. He’s a nasty piece of work, and Kapral was stupid to have taken him in, in my opinion. Now, the only thing that can be done is for the ROCOR to send this unrepentant POS off to the Mountain for the rest of his life… after all, he IS a monk, at least that’s what he claims, so, let’s take him at his word, and send him where he can work out his salvation as an ordinary monastic.

This guy is TROUBLE writ large… I haven’t forgotten how he treated one of my acquaintances (Paffhausen acted like Satan incarnate… he can be egregiously rotten, especially, to those who had upset his pet clergy). His evil is without limits… his duplicity is deeper than any other case that I’ve seen in my 61 years. He’s one of those who glitter on the outside (to some, at least), but are nothing but corruption and vileness inside. Have a care… the times ARE evil, and some of the worst out there are clergy.


4 August 2015. Animal Funnies… I Can Hear It in There!

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