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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

5 August 2015. This is How Christians Disagree… Yes, Virginia, We Do, and There’s a Proper Way to Do It…

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00 Thank you for being my friends... 28.09.13


A friend and I disagreed on a point of translation. My reply (as I want to keep their identity confidential, I won’t give their submission) was:

NOPE. My point stands. We say Bogoroditse in Russian and Slavonic, NOT Theotokos. That shoots down your submission. Theo-tokos… “GOD-BEARER”… “BOGO-RODITSE”… We say GOSPODI POMILUI and LORD HAVE MERCY, NOT KYRIE ELEISON. ALL are translations from the Greek. In Russian Orthodox usage, we translate just about everything into Russian/Slavonic equivalents, so, if we use Slavonic/Russian equivalents, then, we don’t use the Greek. I also know translators… there’s dispute on this. We’re on different sides. The only thing kept in the original Greek and not translated as a matter of course is EIS POLLA ETI DESPOTA. Why this is the exception, I don’t know. Anywho… if “bogoroditse” in Russian usage, “Birthgiver” in English usage. We don’t suck up to Greeks. DO you want us to adopt the papist calendar, too, as they do (perhaps, unfair… but you did open the door)? I’m NOT angry. However, you’re not an authority. If you want to prove your point, prove to me that the Russian Church has stopped using BOGORODITSE and has forbidden its usage. I believe that to be a fair caveat.

THAT is how CHRISTIANS disagree. Do Christians disagree? You betcha! Do FRIENDS disagree? Double! I love the fact that friends are honest with me, and that I’m honest with them in return. However, do note that I don’t tell you who it was, as that preserves their confidentiality. That’s what friends do for friends. I often disagree with this particular friend. I love them very much and if you tried going after them, you’d have to go through me first! That’s that. Christians can disagree… friends can disagree. It isn’t the end of the world. As I always say, “LOVE rules this house”. Love isn’t namby-pamby or wishy-washy. My friends know that as they know me. If you don’t… you may not be my friend (but I’m NOT against expanding the circle to let you in). Think on what I just wrote, in its entirety…



Scholars from the DNR, Russia, USA, and the Ukraine Prepared to Release the Complete Works of the Strugatsky Brothers

00 arkady and boris strugatsky. russian sci-fi  050815


Svetlana Bondarenko, four-time winner of the Strugatsky Brothers Literary Prize, told us that scholars from the DNR and other countries are preparing the Complete Works of Arkady and Boris Strugatsky for publication. She said, “Our team comes from Donetsk, Odessa, New York, Saratov, and St Petersburg; they processed all the material over more than ten years, collecting it in 30 volumes, it’s a complete edition of their fiction. We received full access to the complete archive of the writers, including letters and diaries, more than a decade ago. We think that it’ll take two to three years to complete the project. By the end of the year, we expect to publish in the first volume. True, we did have some trouble with copyrights, so we’ll release some volumes either in hard copy or electronically. Unlike most ‘complete works’ compilations, the Strugatsky oeuvre won’t be segmented into literary output, diaries, and letters. We decided to issue a chronological collection of their works. Each volume will cover one or two years in the life of writers. Under one cover, we’ll include science fiction versions works, interviews, articles, diary entries, and notebook jottings”.

5 August 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


OFFICIAL DNR Institutes Day of Physical Culture and Sport

00 donetsk olympic stadium 050815.jpg-large



DNR minister of Youth, Sport, and Tourism Mikhail Mishin told a press conference in Donetsk that according to a Decree of DNR Chairman of the Government A V Zakharchenko, the second Saturday of August will be permanent date for the Day of Physical Culture and Sports. On this day all cities, towns, and raions will sponsor sporting events. Mishin noted, “We’re going back to our roots. We’re planning both team and individual events in the cities of our Republic. The first gala event marking this holiday will be on 7 August, at the Sergei Bubka Higher Olympic Reserve Team School. We’ll give awards to our best athletes, who brought fame to DNR sport this year, and who helped form our team spirit. Then, in the morning on 8 August, at the Republic Olympic Sports Complex in Donetsk, the Trades Union Federation and the Ministry are jointly sponsoring a DNR Sports Festival. Later that day, at 17.30, at the Metallurg Stadium in Donetsk, we’re holding a friendly football match between DNR and LNR football teams. As you know, our good friends in Lugansk have a long tradition in football… FK Zarya was once USSR Cup champs. By the way, one of the players on that championship side, Anatoly Kuksov, is now is the coach of the LNR football team. I think that it’ll be an interesting game… it’s a god quality pitch; the stadium itself is up to European standards. Most importantly, the game itself isn’t a jumped-up fraud… it’s a legit contest. Besides this, the sport festival will continue on 9 August, with a large rally in Donetsk on the bypass road below the Donbass Arena. Now, more than 20 teams from all over the DNR are preparing for these competitions “.

5 August 2015

DNR Online

Official website DNR Council of Ministers and Peoples Soviet


5 August 2015. THIS IS HOLY RUS. WATCH THIS… One Minute Trailer for a Wonderful Russian Multifilm “The Miraculous Voyages of Serafima”

00 incredible jouney of serafima 01. 050815


00 incredible jouney of serafima 02. 050815


00 incredible jouney of serafima 03. 050815


00 incredible jouney of serafima 04. 050815



Watch this in full-screen and HD 1080! WOW! It’s the trailer for a 75-minute multifilm… GOOD STUFF!

Those evil gargoyles at the RF Ministry of Culture sponsored this film… I guess that it’s no damned good because it lacks a politically-correct theme and it doesn’t bow down and kiss America’s ass. This is what Russia does… on the other hand, Anglo America does otherwise… Ted Cruz supports baby-killing in Novorossiya… John McCain supports the cause of godless Uniates and schismos… you can FEEL the difference, can’t you? Russia stands for LIFE… the USA (especially, “Pro-Life” Republicans) stands for DEATH and DESTRUCTION. If you support the so-called “Pro-Life” movement, you oppose the Russian government that sponsors such wonderful fare… do you support this or do you support warmongering? That IS the choice, for the “Pro-Life” movement is a chimera, a false mask to cover over the evil of the narcissistic Me First Crapitalism of the Republicans. I vote for Holy Rus… by their fruit ye shall know them… this multifilm is very sweet fruit, indeed…

Them be the choices… choose well…

THIS is our Orthodox Motherland’s offering to the world… it humbles me that I’m part of the naroda


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